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It’s that time we layer up and pull on our down jackets as the Arctic exploration season begins!  Last week, our guests embarked on our Natural Wonders of Svalbard Photography Tour through the icy Arctic waters on board expedition ship, MV Explorer. Amidst the sub-zero temperatures, the colossal mountainous backdrops at the edge of Svalbard stood tall, offering a breathtaking view that was unparalleled in its beauty. Our explorers sailed deep into the Arctic, watching the landscape unveil itself, transforming from a vast space to compact sheer blue icebergs towering overhead, and pack ice which encompassed the ship which extends as far as the North Pole.Our guests were able to observe a rare sighting of just one of the behavioural changes polar bears are making to survive. Our renowned and experienced photography guide, John Rodsted described the scene when a polar bear hunted a reindeer, by chasing it down the mountain as, “truly amazing”. In a year the bears have taught themselves an entirely new hunting technique. Svalbard offers unique opportunities to observe and photograph animals in their natural habitat, and if you’re lucky enough, encounter rare sightings that rival those of a National Geographic documentary.

ARE YOU READY TO EMBARK ON AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME?Join us in Svalbard! The seasons offer breathtaking landscapes that change throughout the year and is a fantastic destination for photography lovers. Although there is less ice in September, this is actually a fantastic time to visit as the lighting conditions are most favourable for capturing photos of wildlife and landscapes.   

Natural Wonders of Svalbard Micro Cruise27th July – 6th August 2023 6th – 16th August 2023 25th August – 3rd September 2023 6th July – 15th July 2023See the Voyage

Svalbard Pioneer Micro Cruise5th – 18th August 2023See the Voyage 

Svalbard Autumn Photo Micro Cruise9th – 18th September 2023 18th – 27th September 2023See the Voyage
WHY SECRET ATLAS?   Our expeditions offer an unrivalled experience free from the crowds of larger vessels, accommodating 12 guests exclusively.   Our guides are passionate experts with decades of experience exploring the polar regions. We have the best guide to guest ratio in the industry, ensuring you get the most out of your trip.  With 100% positive feedback from our expeditions, we’re confident you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.  Our ships are designed to provide the ultimate comfort for our guests, featuring a combination of twin, double and single ensuite cabins, modern amenities and spacious viewing platforms ensuring a comfortable and relaxing voyage. Plus, no single supplement charges on MV Vikingfjord and MV Freya voyages.
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