Les Canalous 40th Anniversary sale

A few days ago you received the promotional offers we have put in place for our 40th anniversary! These offers are valid for the whole 2022 season, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan an unforgettable last minute or low season vacation.

Where to cruise with Les Canalous ?

Discover our large choice of destinations all over Europe
-25%* on all 1 week rentals
off all our short stays
off the 2nd week, for those who want their holiday to last longer
A great way to enjoy a great holiday.Offers cannot be combined with each other

Welcome to the Canalous website, the French river cruise specialist
was in the early 1980s that the Canalous adventure began in Burgundy. 
At the time, river transport of goods was in decline and gave way to pleasure boating. 
For almost 40 years, we have had the pleasure of making you discover our passions both for navigation and for discovering new places, in a more authentic way.
Going on a river cruise on a 
houseboat without a license means taking the time, it’s discovering, it’s being the captain of a boat, it’s meeting up with family or friends, and it’s also experience an unusual adventure. 
The boat rental with the canalous is done without a license. 
An introduction to handling the boat, given by our team of professionals, is enough for you to be able to take the helm and take your family and friends on an adventure.
Boat rental: another idea of travel and vacation
Going on a private river cruise on a barge, whether in France or elsewhere in Europe, will make you 
travel differently, far from the beaten track. 
Our 40 destinations throughout Europe allow everyone, according to their areas of interest, to have a good holiday. 
Historical visits, walks or bike rides in the middle of nature, tasting of local gastronomy, various sports activities, there is something for everyone. 
You can just as easily cross a large metropolis and a few meters further find yourself alone in the world, in 
a wilderness . 
This is all the magic offered by boat rental on rivers and canals.
At Les Canalous, we are sensitive to the preservation of the environment. 
We work to 
offer you the most ecological holidays possible Houseboat charter is in itself a low impact trip, but we need to do more. 
In 2019, we released a new boat: 
The S barge, 100% electric 
A latest generation electric boat, with an adequate level of comfort with current lifestyles. 
We hope that charging stations will be developed in all our destinations so that more and more people can enjoy these ecological and silent holidays.
Rent a boat according to your budget
Our fleet of boats is divided into 6 different ranges. 
You can then choose according to the comfort or service needs of your crew, and according to your budget. 
Boat rentals on rivers and canals are both 
luxury holidays , with boats with top-of-the-range equipment, and 
inexpensive holidays , accessible to all.
Barge rental for the holidays: the best way to recharge your batteries
Renting boats without a license in France or in Europe is currently the 
ideal type of vacation for healthier, more environmentally friendly and totally unusual tourism.
Our largest boats can only accommodate a maximum of 12 people, these 
holidays are intended to be more intimate , with great respect for sanitary measures. 
In addition, 
the destinations we offer for your river cruise are far from the major mass tourist areas for 
more confidential tourism .
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