Discover the Spice Islands: Aqua Blu sails East Indonesia in luxury


Spice Islands season isn’t all that far away with Aqua Blu completing its annual Bali-Komodo sailings this September. Starting off, we’re looking at an epic 12-night cruise from the volcanic lakes of Flores through the pristine forgotten islands and finally, to the home of nutmeg and cloves – spices which have started wars and toppled kingdoms. 

After settling into its new home for the next two months, Aqua Blu will sail 7-night itineraries featuring cultural and wildlife excursions unlike any other. On the islands of Pulau Run and Banda Neira, guests will discover a rich colonial past with forts and artifacts that have been untouched for centuries. There’ll be opportunities to participate in traditions such as ‘hands to bathe’ – where sailors would jump into the deep expanse of the Banda Sea – and witness a greeting by the Kora Kora war canoes which have been sailing since before the 1600s. 

This expedition also features incredible snorkeling and diving spots that tend to be overlooked when exploring Indonesia. Some highlights include the underwater thermal springs of Pulau Manuk and the coral walls of Pulau Hatta. 

Incredible sunsets are a given for any Indonesian expedition, but they are truly a class above while sailing the Spice Islands. After a sundowner at Fort Belgica, a beach wind-down on the sands of Pulau Run – an island that was traded by the British in exchange for Manhattan in 1667 – and a cocktail party courtesy of our makeshift floating bar, we promise a set of golden hours that you’ll never forget. 

The 15-suite Aqua Blu features world-class cuisine by Benjamin Cross, a 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio, and amenities including a jacuzzi, spa, sundeck, and sky lounge. All it’s missing is you. Click the button below to book your East Indonesia voyage today. 

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