Announcing Our South Georgia Guides

Photography & Wildlife Expedition
We have exciting news about our unique expedition to South Georgia departing on the 24th of February 2024 from Stanley, Falkland Islands. We are happy to introduce our expert guides leading our South Georgia expedition. We’ve got a fantastic dynamic team, that between them have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which they are going to be sharing with your guests. 
We make it our business to work with exceptional individuals in the industry who possess a genuine passion and care for the precious places we visit. We believe people are at the heart of everything we do and without further ado we are proud to introduce… 

Expedition Leader
Mariano Curiel

Mariano, as the head of operations and sustainability at Secret Atlas, is an integral part of our team and take it from us, you’re in good hands! 
“South Georgia is a place in the world where I feel close to home, in a very comfortable way. My first encounter with the island was at age twenty-two, I very young and open to the experience, an experience that left a strong mark in my core. Something that somehow twenty plus expeditions later I continue to search for.” – Mariano Curiel

Distinguished Ornithologist
Paul Copestake
“Inspired by my family connections with Antarctica, which go back three generations, in my early teens my ambition was kindled to travel ‘South’. With my love of birdlife, I was determined that this was to be as an Ornithologist.  Fieldwork, expeditions and study followed and in 1980 I joined the British Antarctic Surveys ‘Birds and Seals’ team to travel to South Georgia; here I spent four summers and a winter on Bird Island and a winter at Grytviken, finishing with a sailing trip to the Antarctic Peninsula.  For my work I was awarded Polar Medal and also have a small hill “Copestake Peak” named after me on South Georgia.” – Paul Copestake 
Professional Photographer
Jonas Beyer

“What truly brings me joy as a guide and workshop leader is the ability to share my knowledge and provide guests with the most remarkable experiences imaginable.” – Jonas Beyer
South Georgia Explorer Wildlife and Photo Expedition
Our 15-day wildlife viewing and photography exploration of South Georgia offers an in-depth experience of the region’s spectacular nature. Perfect for those wanting to spend the maximum amount of unhurried time ashore observing wildlife.  15 Days | 24th February – 9th March 2024
Wildlife Guide to South Georgia

This is what 6000 pairs of Chinstrap penguins looks like and if you think that’s impressive, this colony is dwarfed by the King penguins which visit South Georgia with numbers around 400,000! 
What we’re saying is, if you’re guests are longing to see animals in the wild and fully immersive themselves in their very own nature documentary, then South Georgia is the place. This specific location is home to an abundance of wildlife and as hard as we try to describe what this opportunity holds, it’s something one can only understand by experiencing it first hand. 
Wildlife Highlights in February & March
A unique opportunity to land on Prion Island to witness the spectacle of Wandering Albatross’s feeding their newborn chicks at their nests.
Young king penguins are starting to test the cold waters for the first time at the rookeries in Saint Andrews Bay and Salisbury plain. 
Gentoo, Macaroni and Chinstrap penguins gather in large creches as they start to fledge.
This is the most active for marine life and offers the best opportunities for whale watching and species such as minke, humpback, fin and orcas are at their most numerous.
Learn about the animals your guests can expect to see by clicking on the button below! 
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