Discover the heritage of Indochina aboard the luxurious Aqua Mekong

A brand new year to chase sunsets in East Indonesia and swim with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands – even after sailing these destinations on a weekly basis, we find new adventures each time we go around. Going into 2024 with our fleet of five, we have an exciting line-up of expeditions across some of the world’s most remote destinations. 
Aqua Blu is currently sailing the ever-so happening waters of Raja Ampat, where guests enjoy days of snorkeling and diving followed by sundowners on board or at a private beach. “It feels like the edge of the world,” explains our Cruise Director Glenn Wappett. “Raja Ampat’s islands feature these towering heights which look like they belong in Norway, covered in snow. Instead, it’s mostly a jungle.” 
Over in the Mekong Delta, our guides are forever keen on sharing Cambodian and Vietnamese culture with the world. “Personally, I love showing our guests how silk is woven and how rice is grown from the seed to harvest,” says Hoeum Hout, our native Cambodian guide who has spent decades showing guests around the region and sharing its history and traditions. 
On the other side of the world, Aqua Nera and Aria Amazon offer luxurious floating homes in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Guests enjoy twice-daily excursions, heading out on private skiffs to spot exotic wildlife. “Night excursions are among my favorites,” says our onboard ornithology expert George Dávila. “It’s very exciting to search for nocturnal wildlife like caimans, snakes, and tarantulas, and spot their red eyes reflecting in the dark.” 
Finally, in the Galapagos Islands, Aqua Mare remains the first and only superyacht showing guests the archipelago’s most remarkable sights. ““I love Caleta Tagus,” Aqua Expeditions’ founder Francesco Galli Zugaro recounts his favorite stop along the itinerary. “Typically, underneath where we anchor, there are tons of hammerhead sharks. They aren’t always visible, but you know they’re down there.” 
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