Discover Sulawesi, Padar Island, Komodo Island and more 

Your clients will follow ancient Makassan trading routes and witness the confluence of cultural heritage and natural beauty of Sulawesi sailing. Explore the wonders of Tana Toraja villages, Padar Island, and Komodo Island where they will encounter the legendary Komodo dragons amidst captivating landscapes and pristine shores. Enjoy many opportunities to snorkel, dive and swim in pristine underwater environments in the Coral Triangle.

SAVE $1,500 PER PERSONDeparts 20 Mar & 23 Apr 2024

Special Event: Meet the people of Tana Toraja, high up in the mountains of Sulawesi on an overnight land expedition to stay and encounter their cultural traditions and funeral rituals.

Walk in the tracks of the endangered Komodo dragons and spot this iconic monitor lizard in the wild with local guides.

Explore the turquoise waters and tiny islands of the Coral Triangle including at Takabonarate Marine Park.

On Padar Island, hike to the summit to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

Meet the Abui people of Alor Island and watch the Lego Lego dance in their traditional village.


We offer an optional Pre-Cruise or Post-Cruisedirect charter flight connecting your clients with ease between Darwin and Makassar. This flight will be $1,900 per person. Limited seats are available, contact our reservations team to book.

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