Antarctic Season Update and Special Promo

Albatros Expeditions Introduces Fuel Surcharge
Albatros Expeditions, like other tourism operators, has been monitoring world oil prices over the past 6 months, and we would like to advise that we will be implementing a fuel surcharge of $42 per passenger per day of their scheduled voyage.We do apologize, however, due to current world events we are forced to adapt to this volatile climate as per other cruise companies and airlines. We have kept this as minimal as possible as well as absorbing increasing costs in other parts of our operation ourselves. The surcharge applies for all departures during November and December in the 22/23 season. The total will be added to the final invoice and is payable prior to embarkation and non-commissionable. Further updates for subsequent voyages will be advised by the 31st of October.
Final 22/23 Antarctic Sale – Limited Availability
7/12/2022 – South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula20% discount on Category E, C cabins, and B, A, and Premium Suites. 16/12/2022 – Antarctica, South Georgia, and Falkland Islands*20% Discount on Category E and C cabins only. 22/01/2023 – South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula*20% discount on  Category C cabins, and B, A, and Premium Suites. 27/03/2023 – Patagonian Fjords of Chile20% discount on Category C cabins, and B, A, and Premium Suites. Terms and Conditions: The sale ends on the 30th of September. No other promos, discounts, or group deals are applicable. Standard commissions apply.
To qualify, we will need to receive names and deposits by the 30th of September 2022. 

Please note: fuel-surcharge fees apply for all departures during November and December in the 22/23 season and are to be added after the sales price. The total will be added to the final invoice and is payable prior to embarkation.
*German-speaking guides onboard this departure. We aim to provide some varied lectures in the German language, as well as have the guides accompany German-speaking guests on excursions.
Holiday Cruise to South Georgia Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula
“Not-home-for-the-holidays” has kind of a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you agree?
On this extraordinary 20-day voyage, starting on the 16th of December, we’ll explore the Falkland Islands and spend days around the enigmatic South Georgia before heading to the Antarctic Peninsula. 

A complete expedition with many highlights, and last but not least, marking Christmas and New Year’s Eve on our beloved, state-of-the-art Ocean Victory.  Guests may enjoy their own traditions, make new ones, and unwrap the most pristine destinations and wildlife on this extraordinary holiday voyage.

We are preparing some wonderful programs for the festivities on the Southern Ocean:Gala dinners on Christmas and New Year’s Eve with an all-inclusive drink package included during the mealsCaptain’s countdown and a champagne toast to the New YearFestive-themed entertainment, films, and special surprises
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