5 hidden gems in South Holland and nearby

Mariëlle didn’t have to think long about her highlights of this trip. Here are her five favorite hidden gems from the South Holland trip:
1. The Loosdrechtse Plassen near Vreeland: “Vreeland is a picturesque village with old buildings and beautiful houses. Then we turn and we’re suddenly surrounded by water. It seems as if we’re cycling right through it.”
2. Schiedam windmills and a view in Midden-Delfland: “You’ll be amazed at the sight: so tall!” Later, sit on a patio by the water with a view over the polder, unchanged for hundreds of years.
3. The idyllic towns of Bonrepas and Vlist: “It’s wonderful to cycle along the river Vlist, with such beautiful houses. It’s really idyllic.” Cycle to beautiful Vlist with its very special farms.
4. Delfshaven in Rotterdam: Delfshaven is much older than Rotterdam; it used to be a separate village. “You have old buildings and warehouses with real atmosphere, a windmill, canals and bridges. It feels unlike Rotterdam: rather than a big city, it’s a cute little village.”
5. Broek in Waterland and Durgerdam: Broek in Waterland is like a dollhouse village, with cute wooden houses and a small lake. It is fantastic, historical and very beautiful. Then Durgerdam follows: it’s lovely too, right on the water’s edge with Amsterdam on the other side.”
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