Why tour leader Fred finds the Tulip Tours so special

Fred has been working for Boat Bike Tours for many years. As an “old hand” he’s already been on most of the tours we offer. But there is one trip that he looks forward to every year: “The Tulip tours are the very special ones.” Fred lists many reasons why he likes them so much:
1. The scenery: Clogs, cheese and windmills! Enjoy the wide open spaces, bike through wild dune landscapes and lovely tulip fields. Read more.
2. The culture and the sights : Picturesque windmills, the tulip park “Keukenhof” and its exhibits of so many colorful varieties of tulips, the massive flower auction in Aalsmeer, and much more, all included in our tulip tours. Read more.
3. First trips of the season: “After our hibernation during the dark winter months, everyone is eager to get back to work. Our guests are excited, and so are my colleagues and I. There is a great vibe in the air.” Fred compares the feeling to the first downhill ski run on new snow, or the taste of the first Beaujolais Nouveau. It’s magic! Read more.
About the author

Nicola is the Managing Director of Micro-Cruising. Small ships great trips. Micro-Cruising sells trips on ships of 100 passengers or fewer. We are the specialists in small ships with over 700 vessels worldwide.