The 2024 trend of new, authentic travel experiences is the perfect inspiration for a ScicSailing adventure.

There is so much fulfilment to be enjoyed when doing something new, and possibly out of your comfort zone. It really enriches life, creating unforgettable memories.

That’s certainly the feedback we get from guests who have taken a ScicSailing cruise for the first time, telling us how special the experience has been, like no other holiday before.

After all, a sailing cruise along the beautiful Turquoise coast allows you to truly disconnect, set free by the water, away from the ties of land and cares of mundane life.

Step aboard and begin your authentic, unique travel experience, pampered by the dedicated crew, enjoying healthy dining from the onboard chef, with time to enjoy for you and your loved ones, doing whatever you want. Swimming, sunbathing, hiking, or exploring.

So, have something to look forward to after the winter months, with a Mediterranean ScicSailing cruise!

Why ScicSailing? Why Slow Travel?

As a commentator once mentioned ‘small is beautiful’ when it comes to holidays. ScicSailing is the embodiment of this responsible way to travel. Our ‘boutique cruises’ allow you to enjoy your summer holiday away from the crowds.

Each comfortable yacht with just a few fellow passengers, is the perfect holiday ‘bubble’ – its sustainable, healthy, ‘slow travel.’

New Year, New Yachts

The two Deluxe Yachts, (8- and 10-person sailing yachts), are already proving to be an absolute winner and pre-bookings show they are now the most popular yachts.

We also thrilled to confirm that we access to additional luxury boats for the 2024 season. Not only sailing yachts but 2 motor yachts as well: a luxury 10- and 12- person sailing gulet, as well as a 8-person motor yacht and a 4-person motor yacht – each for exclusive charter.

Just let us know if you’re looking for something a little different, and we will surely be able to accommodate you and your group in style!

Luxury or Comfort?

If you prefer to have your own yacht, you can choose between the Comfort Yachts or Luxury Yachts. Besides these vessels, we also have access to a wide range of bigger luxury yachts. Just think how much fun that would be! Each vessel has its own Captain, crew, and a private chef.

Get ready to book your individual cabin!

Of course, we still have availability for you to book your private, ensuite cabin. We always try to organise a good mix of guests and you will be part of a wonderful experience, either as a solo traveller, or with the two of you.

Time for a new experience!

So, don’t miss the boat! Book one of our sailing cruise itineraries to enjoy a favourite part of the Mediterranean, or a new unspoilt corner that you have yet to discover. Departure/arrival harbours are Bodrum, Göcek, and Marmaris.

About the author

Nicola is the Managing Director of Micro-Cruising. Small ships great trips. Micro-Cruising sells trips on ships of 100 passengers or fewer. We are the specialists in small ships with over 700 vessels worldwide.