40 years of remote Polynesia at your fingertips…

Kaoha Nui Dear Adventurers,

‘ia ora na i te matahiti api ! Best wishes for this new year!
May it be filled with travels and adventure, laughter and joy, but most of all with enriching and inspiring connections.
For us, 2024 is an important year as it is the celebration of our 40th anniversary. 
Yes, 40 years connecting our beloved Marquesas islands to the rest of the world.
We could not have done it without you, so thank you! Koutau Nui!

Our original route and still our passion! For 40 years, we have been taking travellers to this remote part of not only Polynesia but the world.
Located 1500 kilometres northeast of the capital-island of Tahiti, Te Henua Enana or Land of Men, is like no other islands. Raw, in an array of unique colours and shapes, the islands reveal themselves after a day and a half at sea from the Tuamotu archipelago.

Like sentinels rising above sea level, guardians of an era long gone, the Marquesas islands welcome you to a world of ancient sacred platforms, hundreds of years old banyan trees that bear the spirit of former chiefs, warriors and tahu’a (sages), peaks and valleys that whisper stories of the past. 
“Mave mai, mave mai” you’ll hear from a distance… “Come, welcome!” 
Powerful voices that reflect the intensity of these islands and the eyes of its. inhabitants.

You may think you have seen it all… but we think nothing prepares you for the rush of emotions you feel on meeting the mystical Marquesas for the first time brings. 
It gets us every time we go! And as the days go by on our expeditions, we see our passengers transform… The Marquesas islands break all resistance, they will steal your heart… as will our staff and crew, with their contagious joy and passion.

Explore the dates of our Marquesas expeditions: https://www.aranui.com/en/marquesas-islands/

Embark on a historical voyage through Pitcairn and the Gambier, tracing the path of the mutineers from HMS Bounty. Discover unspoiled landscapes and sites that still holds many secrets and whisper stories of the past. 

Pitcairn Island is one of the most isolated places on earth. Access to the island is primarily by sea, and it is not connected to any major trading routes. The limited accessibility contributes to its unique culture and way of life.

Visiting Pitcairn is an incredibly humbling and impactful experience, offering the promise of captivating and meaningful encounters.
History lovers, explorers and lifelong adventurers, this is for you.

Let’s meet in Pitcairn: https://www.aranui.com/en/pitcairn-island/

Roam the orchards of French Polynesia in the Austral Islands, meandering from secluded beaches to captivating cave formations and luxuriant plantations. 
Within these bountiful lands, uncover a true sense of authenticity and warm hospitality. 
Situated as the final islands before the expansive reaches of Antarctica, the Austral Islands emanate an incredible force, blending the luminosity of pristine lagoons and secret beaches, and the exuberance of earthy treasures and natural cathedrals.
Remote and breathtaking, the Austral Islands are the perfect destination for those seeking unspoiled landscapes and a more authentic, off-the-beaten paths experience in the South Pacific.

Explore the Austral islands with us: https://www.aranui.com/en/austral-islands/

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Rapa Iti is the most isolated and southernmost inhabited island of the Austral archipelago. 
The particular shape of the island and its remoteness does not allow one to get there by plane: only ships have access. 
The island is home to a population of 507, described as “the happiest people in the world”. It is so isolated that the inhabitants speak reo rapa, a language that is different from the rest of the Austral Islands. 

Rapa registers the lowest temperature of the 5 archipelagos: a low of up to 8°C during the dry season (July-August, with records as cold as 4°C). 
Thanks to this climate, visitors will find a delicious flora, unique in Polynesia: including apples and pear trees, and nectarines… An orchard worthy of the Garden of Eden! 

As Aranui approaches Rapa, which is only accessible by sea, the Captain may announce: “Welcome to Rapa. Next stop Antarctica.”
As the southernmost inhabited island, this crescent shaped island — with a fjord-like coastline deeply indented by 12 bays —is as remote as it gets in French Polynesia. 
Rapa Iti —or “small Rapa”, as the island is also called —has a strong cultural connection to Easter Island, known as Rapa Nui or big Rapa to the Polynesians. Legend tells of the settlement of Rapa Nui by the people of Rapa Iti.
Once home to fierce warriors who lived in fortified settlements built on terraces among volcanic peaks, the islanders now live more peaceful lives by farming and fishing.

Join us on one of our Austral expeditions this year, from March 30th to April 9th, 2024 or November 2nd to November 12th, 2024 to discover the unique Rapa way of life.
More on: https://www.aranui.com/en/sailing-schedule/
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