Pura Vida in Costa Rica

“Pura Vida” – you hear it on every corner, the defining motto of Costa Rica, where people savor life and value the present moment. In preparation for the upcoming travel season in Costa Rica and Panama, our Product Manager, Petra Quasdorf, and Operations Manager, Annika Fröhling, have immersed themselves in this captivating country to uncover its most beautiful spots for you. What makes Costa Rica so special? The country is the sum of many small experiences and discoveries, unique moments in nature, and warm encounters with its people. Encourage your customers to take a journey to immerse themselves and relish in the “pure life”!
Guests of the Valverde familyEveryone has a story. Just like the Valverdes, who turned a rainforest trail into a small, personalized place for guests from all around the world, in honor of Grandma Valverde. Or Rudy Guzman, who, together with his son, painstakingly crafted a paradise of plants and flowers in the hinterland of Quepos, where the tropical birds of Costa Rica feel especially at home.
Wildly colorful
Costa Rica ranks among the world’s most biodiverse countries. With vibrantly colored birds, butterflies, and frogs, reptilian iguanas and crocodiles, tree-loving sloths, howler monkeys, and more, the diverse wildlife is ingrained in the country’s DNA. Professional nature guides lead journeys through the rainforest, teaching how to hone your vision to spot the often- elusive animals. Catching a glimpse of these special creatures in their natural habitat is a joy unlike any other. 
A feast for the eyes
Exotic plants, lush green rainforests, awe-inspiring volcanoes, rushing waterfalls, and inviting beaches – the landscape contrasts of Costa Rica are so captivating, and one can hardly get enough of the abundant nature.
Never a dull moment
Paddle through the mangroves? Glide above the rainforest canopy? Explore the colorful underwater world? Whether by kayak, zipline, horseback, catamaran, or UTV – those who prefer to actively discover Costa Rica have a multitude of options here.
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