Newly Remodeled Grace Yacht

As we continue our mission to offer your clients the ultimate Galapagos Yacht Safari experiences, I am excited to unveil the incredible remodel of the Grace. When your clients experience the renovations in person, they’ll be stepping into the glamorous life of Grace Kelly while exploring the best of the Galapagos Islands.

A picture is worth a thousand words—and you’re one of the first to see her remodel. Her first sailing will be on November 8, 2022. The highly experienced design firm delivered exactly what we were hoping for: timeless design meets modern luxury. Enhanced with features perfectly suited for Galapagos, she’s become as radiant as Princess Grace Kelly herself.

As you share in the excitement of her upcoming re-launch, I encourage you to use these renderings in your promotions and update any images of the Grace in your marketing materials. From sustainability-focused features to the finest stateroom enhancements, your clients will cruise in the utmost comfort and style. For more details about her renovations, please read on.


Design Enhancements• New, contemporary decor by a renowned South American design firm.
• Tailored furniture designed to enhance Guest comfort.
• Upgraded exterior design, including features that optimize the onboard experience regardless of weather.
• Elevated bar and lounge areas.

Hospitality Features• More balanced distribution of staterooms and social areas to maximize space.
• A new coffee lounge where guests can enjoy the finest Ecuadorian coffee experience.
• A brand new onboard boutique for travel essentials and souvenirs.
• Upgraded staterooms and bathrooms designed to match practicality with modern decor.
• Newly equipped kitchen for an improved cuisine experience.

Technical Features• New engines and generators for more efficient fuel consumption. This improvement enables Grace to travel at 15 knots, which in turn minimizes traveling time and maximizes the time spent enjoying peak wildlife encounters.
• New propellers with high-skew technology to reduce noise and vibrations.
• Safety upgrades including state-of-the-art emergency lighting.
• Modern lighting allowing Guests to adjust mood settings in their staterooms.
• USB ports in staterooms and additional electrical plugs in social areas.

About the author

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