New Release: Komodo, Sulawesi & Borneo

We are pleased to share with you the new release of our 2024 series to Sulawesi, Komodo & Borneo following the island trails of the East Indies.

These popular expeditions will delve into the rich exploration and trading history, ancient cultures and unique wildlife of the Indonesian archipelago.

We will discover traditional village lifestyles and visit Lembata Island, home to one of the last subsistence whaling communities in the world. At the coastal island of Flores, we’ll travel to the multicoloured Kelimutu crater lakes. Along the way encountering endemic wildlife including the famed orangutan and the illusive sunbear in Borneo and swimming with countless harmless golden jellyfish at the Togean Islands. Guests will be spoilt for choice to explore pristine marine environments at Takabonarate and Wakatobi Marine Parks with Bunaken and Lembeh offering some of the most vibrant dive and snorkel opportunities in the world.

This expedition series has three unique voyages. We invite your guests to join us on one or all and enjoy the benefits of our Xplorers Club along with a further 10% adjoining cruise saving. Contact our Reservations Team for more information.
Following ancient Makassan trading routes, we will witness the confluence of cultural heritage and natural beauty of Sulawesi on this 14-night voyage sailing between Darwin and Makassar. Aboard Coral Geographer, we’ll discover the fascinating seafaring traditions and rich cultural performances that belong to the small islands of the East Indies. With many opportunities to snorkel, dive and swim in pristine underwater environments home to diverse marine life.
Guests will discover the ancient seafaring kingdom of the Makassans on a circumnavigation of Sulawesi and the eastern coastlines of Borneo. This 20-night expedition aboard Coral Geographer takes in a full coastal exploration of Sulawesi and its fascinating confluence of cultural traditions, natural beauty and unique wildlife. Vibrant marine parks offer world class snorkelling and rainforests are home to rare species of primates and birds.
On this voyage, we will visit seaside villages home to ancient culture and customs at Kuching, Pontianak and Banjarmasin. Swimming, snorkelling and diving in tranquil marine environments including Sabaru and the Anambas Islands. Guests will stroll through lush national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to encounter emblematic wildlife such as hornbills and orangutans. Cruising mangrove lined rivers, we’ll discover isolated atolls and explore ancient mosques and floating markets.
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