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Dream Holidays With A-ROSA:
Adventure, Indulgence & Relaxation

Dates in July, August and NEW: September available with 50 % off* when booking by 31 July 2023

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5 Nights Seine Rendez-vous with Paris

From Paris to Rouen and Vernon to Paris. Date: 02 Sep 2023
From € 848 pp

7 Nights Rhine Discovery Amsterdam & Rotterdam 2023

From Cologne to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Antwerp and Cruising Day to Cologne. Dates: July – Sep 2023
From € 1,398 pp

7 Nights Romance in the Middle Rhine Valley 2023

From Cologne to Rüdesheim, Nierstein, Strasbourg (Kehl), Mainz, Koblenz and Bonn to Cologne. Date: 20 Aug 2023
From € 1,348 pp

7 Nights Danube Classics

From Engelhartszell (Passau) to Vienna, Esztergom, Budapest, Bratislava, Krems and Melk to Engelhartszell (Passau). Dates: July – Sep 2023
From € 1,198 pp

7 Nights Rhône Route Classique – A-ROSA STELLA

From Lyon to Chalon-sur-Saône, Mâcon, Trévoux, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Avignon, Arles, Viviers and La Voulte to Lyon. Dates: Aug – Sep 2023
From € 1,148 pp

7 Nights Rhône Route Classique – A-ROSA LUNA

From Lyon to Mâcon, Chalon-sur-Saône, Tournus, Arles, Avignon, Viviers and La Voulte to Lyon. Dates: 05 Aug | 19 Aug 2023
From € 1,148 pp

7 Nights Seine Experience the Normandy

From Paris to Rouen, Caudebec-en-Caux, Les Andelys and Vernon to Paris. Dates: July – Sep 2023
From € 998 pp

7 Nights Experience the Douro

From Porto to Régua, Pinhão, Vega Terron, Barca d’Alva and Pocinho to Porto. Dates: July – Aug 2023
From € 1,148 pp

14 Nights Danube Cataracts

From Engelhartszell (Passau) to Vienna, Budapest, Kalocsa, Mohács, Belgrade, Cruising Day, Novi Sad, Bratislava, Wachau and Melk to Engelhartszell (Passau). Date: 27 Aug 2023
From € 2,398 pp
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