Why you must cruise Croatia by small ship

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  Croatia or the Republic of Croatia is a beautiful country located on the Adriatic Sea and shares a maritime border with Italy. The country is famous for its splendid ports, its calming blue waters, and magical lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. The cities have exotic destination spots worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. The best way to and around Croatia is by taking a small ship cruise to cover the 1800km coast line. Small ship cruises are quite popular all-around Croatia. They offer a chance to enjoy a breath-taking experience, with the view of magnificent islands and beaches, their highlights and the iconic tourist spots. Larger cruise ships are a wonderful treat as well, but getting around in smaller ships is easier, more convenient and enjoyable as you will be able to visit all the destinations via simpler accessibility. The experience is quite unique as these cruise ships can go to various lengths and distances to show you the most extravagant parts of Croatia’s coastline. This way, you will be able to cater to your more diverse itineraries. The cruise ships allow you to visit all the attractions at multiple islands. You can explore the inner cities, their exciting bars, and restaurants, along with their lovely markets. The islands themselves are wonderful entertainment for everyone. This makes for an adorable couple spot, or simply if you are traveling with your friends or families. As it is easier to get around because of the small cruise ships, it is ideal for the elder generation too, as the whole vacation is quite relaxing, refreshing and extremely enjoyable. As Croatia is a mystical country, the beaches and islands are quiet and calm. The islands offer many marvelous attractions, such as 5-star resorts which provide world-class hospitality and services. The national parks in Croatia are a must to visit, along with the stunning waterfalls which will leave you mesmerized. Taking a swim or dipping your toes in such cool waters will be one of the highlights of your trip. The town of Bol is known for its exciting water activities and sports along with a striking sandy peninsula. Getting to these towns, waterfalls, lakes, parks, etc., is made simpler due to the amazing small ship cruises. The small cruise ships are more enjoyable as they have a capacity for smaller groups, which makes it easier to go around and explore. These cruise ships are superb for hosting group parties or celebrations while on vacation. Cruising around Croatia in small ships is a great way to soothe your mind, calm your heart and let go of any stress in life. It will replenish and nourish your soul, while you sail through the breezy coast of Adriatic Sea and explore the gorgeous, clear, blue waters.  All the spots are perfect for taking stunning pictures of yourself in the landscapes. It is a marvel and a wonderful experience for a lifetime, leaving you with innumerable happy and peaceful memories. The small ship cruise ships are not to be missed for sure.

Top 5 to-dos in Split, Croatia

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Croatia's second-largest city, Split (Spalato in Italian) is a great place to see Dalmatian life. Always buzzing, this exuberant city has just the right balance between tradition and modernity. Step inside Diocletian’s Palace (a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments) and you’ll see dozens of bars, restaurants and shops thriving amid the atmospheric old walls where Split has been humming along for thousands of years. To top it off, Split has a unique setting. Its dramatic coastal mountains act as the perfect backdrop to the turquoise waters of the Adriatic.  Planning your trip is a great idea before you hop in your cruise to Split. Make a to-do list before starting your journey, and here’s the list that we carefully made for you to make the most of your memorable trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world:
  1. Cruising
Split is one of the best places in the world for cruising. You can choose from a variety of cruise lines to get mini cruises for people passionate about cruising! You can get a small cruiser and an ideal solution for spending your holiday and exploring all the tiny ports of call, magical hidden spots of innumerable islands and historical gems along the Croatian coast.  
  1. Reach the Beach!
Build a sandcastle, relax and enjoy the sun, sip your favourite juice, or dive into the beach, it’s all yours! There are number of beautiful beaches in split; Bacvice Beach, Kasjuni Beach, Kastelet Beach, Znjan Beach, Bene Beach etc. You can rent a bicycle or a car and reach there to enjoy your time at Split. The beaches are very popular for being the clubbing spots! So never miss a beach party while you’re in Split.  
  1. Outdoor fun
Split is full of adventure and fun, enjoy a rafting experience through crystal green waters of cetina river or get the high adrenaline experience at Zipline split where guests descend through the canyon! If you’re into sea and under water life, you should definitely try Scuba diving! You can also go for Basic canyoning, Extreme canyoning and Sea kayaking.  
  1. Shopping
Shopping in Split can be a great fun. The most amazing thing about doing shopping is, you can also enjoy touring the main sightseeing points at the same time, as everything is going one in rather restricted central area. There are a number of malls where you can go for shopping; Emmezeta mall, Mercator, Joker mall center, city center one, etc. where you can find a number of brands of your choice and enjoy shopping!  
  1. Historic Site Seeing
Settled in by Ancient Greeks and Romans and subsequently defended against Venetians and Ottomans, Croatia displays more than 2,000 years of history, from Istria to Dalmatia. Diocletian’s Palace, Dubrovnik City Walls, Poreč, Euphrasian Basilica, Pula Amphitheatre are some of the best places historic places that you should never miss!

Deluxe young professionals cruise in Croatia

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  Offering itineraries to those who desires for a more intimate voyage, Deluxe Young Professionals Cruise Ships are the perfect way to make the most of your cruise. Sailing to Croatia, one of the most beautiful and trending destinations in the world, your itinerary allows you to explore some of the most relaxing regions by the Adriatic Sea. Your time onboard will be well-spent thanks to our inclusive options. With a crew there to serve your needs, you’ll feel pampered and relaxed as you’re sailing the blue seas. If you desire this sort of casually elegant yachting experience speak to us.   Game of Thrones fans are particularly passionate about seeing the sets. If you’re another Game of Thrones geek, then this cruise is a must for you. How about simply relaxing under the beautiful sun and sipping your favorite margarita?   There are seven different stops on the route; split, makarska, Hvar, Korcula, Miljet, Dubrovink. The cruise begins on Saturday when the ship departs from Split towards Hvar where you have to stay overnight. Hvar is a fun city for all the young party animals! So go on, do some hiking, taste some wine and dance with your partner in some pub and paint the town red!   You’ll then head south to the island of Mljet where you can enjoy the beautiful salt lakes and the greenery. You can also take a tour of the island on rented bicycles, scooter or even convertible cars. For some extra fun, we have set your dinner on board. Enjoy that delicious feast with the sweet smell of the sea and the cool breeze. Next we take you to Dubrovnik, also known as the ‘heaven for Game of Thrones fans’ as there are sets for you to explore. Make sure you book your Game of Thrones tour where you will be taken to places of the city where the many parts of the world famous TV show were filmed! Can you already feel those goose bumps!   On Tuesday, you get to visit the island of Korcula, which is also known as the ‘birthplace of Marco Polo’. You’ll stop there for lunch and enjoy fantastic cuisines! On Wednesday we’ll take you to Ploce, a beautiful city where we have arranged a Private BBQ party on the riverbank for all of you so don’t forget to get your bikini! The last of all the places is Makarska, that you’ll reach on Thursday where you’ll cruise on the Dalmatian, swim in the beach of enjoy your own beach party!   The deluxe cruises are luxurious and you can with sun bathing facility, gourmet food, fine dining and a lot more that you can’t imagine.  So call your friends, put a group together book your tickets now for the ultimate fun.

What We Love to do in Hvar, Croatia

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Hvar is regarded as one of the most spectacular sites for cruising in Croatia.  Apart from sightseeing, there are tons of activities to do in Hvar. If you are one of those people who love to cruise and want to explore the marvels of nature, then Croatia is your ultimate choice as the country is filled with a lot of opportunities for cruisers due to the numerous islands which are present there. So, buckle up and let’s go on a journey full of adventures and fun right in Hvar, Croatia. Here are some of the fun activities which you can do during your stay at Hvar.
  • Explore the Beaches
Hvar is full of beaches as it is an island so be ready to explore them. All the beaches within the vicinity of Hvar are worth to visit. You can visit the nearby beaches in the town or cruisers can sail around and enjoy the paddleboards and jet skis as well.
  • Fortica, the Main Attraction of Hvar
Hvar is famous for its historically significant fortress known as Fortica which was built by the Venetians in the 16th century. It is a great place to view all of the Hvar town in one picture from atop. The view of the gorgeous islands from such height is breathtaking. One can go on foot to the fort or drive. If you want to walk then it is advised to go early in the morning as later on, the weather becomes really hot.
  • Visit the Pakleni Islands
A string of small beautiful islands are worth exploring during your visit to Hvar town. They are located just right off the Hvar’s coast where you can find lagoons, clear waters and isolated beaches. The beauty of the islands leaves an imprint on the mind. These islands offer excellent cruising opportunities for small cruise passengers to enjoy the experience in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Grapceva Cave
Another nature’s wonder is located in Hvar is the Grapceva cave which is situated right by the town of Homac. It is a Neolithic cave is famous as being the home of the oldest civilization in the Adriatic that dates back to 5000 B.C. The Adriatic Sea is famous for beach lounging, snorkeling and cruising in small ships. This is a great place for the people who love to cruise and enjoy this nature’s marvel to the fullest.   Bottom Line Hvar is a major attraction as this island is filled with beautiful places to explore starting from the exotic landscapes and clear waters to cruise Croatia.

Korcula, Croatia’s Best Attraction

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Croatia is well known for its scenic beauty and a string of islands. The land is pure and natural with a lot of breathtaking views which one can explore. It is heaven for those who love to cruise on small ships. Korcula, Croatia is rich in vineyards, has a lot of olive groves and a number of villages which constitutes a rich lifestyle. This island of Korcula is one of the Adriatic islands and is regarded as the sixth largest island which is 47 km in length. On the southern coast, one can find a number of coves and sandy beaches while on the northern coast, there are more rocks and pebbles. The Traditional Life of Korcula The villages in Korcula are historic. It is famous for its hospitality, the locals arrange folk dances and music for the travellers. The landscapes always welcome the tourists with their breathtaking views. On the coasts, local boats and ferries are available so that people can enjoy the view along with experiencing the taste of the local delicacies. Lumbarda, A Great Place to Relax Lumbarda is located outside the town of Korcula which is just a 10-minute ride from the town. The seashore is usually not so crowded, and one can spend some quiet and alone time here and admire the beauty of the nature to the fullest. Korcula is also famous for its wine making business which the local families have opened for making their livelihood. Korcula’s Olive Oil Business Just like the wine, Korcula is also known for the production of olive oil on a large scale. There are many families with olive oil business still are running and maintaining it with pride and joy. On your next cruise trip to Korcula, don’t forget to taste and buy the natural and organic oil from the locals of the island. Blato, A Focal Point of Korcula At the western side of Korcula, Blato is located which was a place to save all the oldest settlements of the island in order to keep them safe from the pirate attacks. Blato is famous for its long linden tree avenues, sanctuary of Marija Petkrovic of the crucified Jesus, church of all saints and ethno house barilo. Places in Korcula that are Worth Cruising The island of Korcula is a heaven for the cruisers as it has a number of sites which people can explore and enjoy. Among them, Vela Luka Bay, Island of Prozid, Vela Spila cave are the top most favorite places of tourists as they are easily accessible. Bottom Line For small cruise in Croatia, Korcula is a best place to visit and explore the seaside as the tourism industry is active and supports cruising activities.

Why Vis, Croatia Is A Must-See Destination

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    Croatia being one of the most beautiful European countries is a spot famous for its amazing beaches where some of the beaches are as long as 1km. The country offers several tourist attractions, either you want to enjoy your evening on a small cruise or are craving for a good food, Croatia brings everything for you.

Vis, A Must-See Destination

Located in the Adriatic Sea is a beautiful island of Croatia, known as Vis. Even though there are numerous other islands, yet Vis has its own beauty and is the furthest inhabited island from the coast. The island of Vis was closed to public for a long period from the 1950s to 1989 due to its strategic location on the open sea. It served much of its history as Yugoslav military base thus remained untouched for years. As Vis was used in the war which lacked proper facilities for the residents so they immigrated to other countries. As soon as the island was made open to public, the locals returned to their home land to see their fore fathers’ traditions and honor it. This mix of history, culture and natural beauty is what makes Vis stand out the most.

Tourist Attractions

Tourist travel to the island is via small ships as there is no other means of transport to go there. Major tourist attractions on the island includes beautiful beaches fortress houses, archaeological museum, a church made on a roman theater, public bath, foods, resorts etc yet there’s another attraction for the locals as well.

Famous Food Items

For food lovers, Vis is a must visit place. Some of the mouthwatering dishes that are enjoyed by the locals as well as recommended to tourists are:
  • Janjetina- Janjetina is a roasted lamb garnished with Mediterranean herbs.
  • Zagrebačkiodrezak- Steaks with meat stuffing including cheese breaded and fried.
If you have a taste for sea food, then the restaurants are also packed with its local cuisines such as salata od hobotnice, an Octopus salad or the lingje (Croatia squid).   Beautiful Beaches There is a mixture of sandy and pebbled beaches on Vis but some of the most famous spots are:   Stoncica Beach Stoncica Beach is a sandy beach located close to lighthouse on the north side of Vis Island. It is a great family beach with soft sand, volleyball court and shallow water for the children as well as adults to enjoy. After spending the day at beach, you can enjoy the local specialty at the nearby Konoba resturant.    

Stiniva Beach

Just as Vis is special, the Stiniva is also one of its kind with its eye-catching pebbled beach but there is a twist to it. In order to reach the beach you have to take down a narrow path downhill from above the cove which is not for the faint hearted or you can just travel by the boat.      

Highlights of Elaphiti Islands

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Croatia is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world.  The weather, hospitality and welcoming attitude of Croatian people, and the delicious Croatian cuisine are just some of the reasons. When in Croatia, one of the must see places are the Elaphiti islands. Elaphiti islands are an archipelago of 13 islands which present stunning views along with other enjoyments hence, your Croatia cruise should include the exploration of these islands. Only 3 of these 13 islands are inhabited; Lopud, Sipan and Kolocep. A lot of small cruises explore these islands. Small cruises can let you explore all the three islands in one day. However, if you want to take your time in enjoying the beauty of these islands, you can hire private small ship for customized tour. Below are the highlights of these 3 main Elaphiti islands: Lopud Lopud is a small car-free island; it has a population of about 220 residents and reaching here from Dubrovnik in a small ship or ferry takes about an hour. The northern bay of the island has a line of restaurants and ice-cream parlors. Towards South, lays the Sunj Bay which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia (apart from many other amazing beaches you can visit in Croatia). The island is also home to monasteries and complexes built by the well-off families of the past. Visiting these buildings is like taking a step in Croatia’s history. Dordic-Mayneri park is a family park along the sea side that contains botanical specimens from around the world. Sipan Sipan is the biggest of the Elaphiti islands. Just like Lopud, Sipan can be reached by a ferry or a small ship. The island is famous for its wine and rustic lifestyle. Dubrovnik's wealthy families-built palaces and forts here. There are several villages that are connected via a main road. Sudurad welcomes most of the ferries and small ships. This village is made stoned houses and cobbled streets, that take you to the medieval times. Sipanska Luka is a fishing island that contains churches with medieval paintings. The northwest of the harbor also has a gravel beach that is lined with eateries and coffee houses. Kolocep Kolocep is the smallest of these 3 islands, having a population of about 170 people. It takes 20 minutes from Dubrovnik to reach here via a small ship. The island is characterized by olive groves, vineyards, pine trees, lemon and orange orchards. There are two settlements; Gronje and Donje Celo and both have a small beach. The island also has a small naturist beach. The best thing to do inn Kolocep island is to dive in the pristine water and explore the coastline. You can also swim your way to the Blue cave and experience the hard to forget sight of yourself dipped in the pristine azure colored Adriatic Sea.

Mljet, Croatia must do's

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Croatia has some of the world’s beautiful islands but the one island that stands out the most is Mljet island. It is one of the largest, greenest and well-preserved islands of the Adriatic Sea.  It is home to one of the colourful wildlife including trees such as forest pine trees and oak trees. Mljet is also one of the oldest islands as numerous Greek ships wreck have been found along its coast and as proof, it has also been mentioned in Greek writings as a resting point of Greek sailors during their journeys. It has a relatively small population due to which there is little transport through cars and buses due to which locals travel through small ships and tourists take the scenic route in small cruises.


there are various attraction points in Mljet among which its two beautiful lakes Malo jezero and Veliko jezero are the major tourist attraction. The water in these lakes makes a beautiful blue-green shade mixed in correct proportion. These lakes are surrounded with thick vegetation that adds to the beauty of these lakes. Tourist can enjoy a good walk around the lake as well as ride their bikes around the track. There are various Croatia cruises available where you can enjoy the serenity. There are even private small cruises available that you can take and enjoy the view alone or with friends. The rates and time duration/route of these small cruises is variable. You have the choice to pick a cruise that suits your budget and availability of time.  

 National Park

Another spot that is famous among tourists is the Miljet National Park. One can engage in various activities in this park and enjoy the natural beauty. Tourists are provided with various options to explore the park such as biking, hiking even boating. Bikes and canoe can easily be rented in the park but if you are willing to discover the whole area then there are different hiking trails as well. There are a number of trails each with a difficulty level, more difficult the hiking trail is the more beautiful spot you will discover.

Odysses Cave

Odysses Cave being another major attraction on Miljet island is an egg-shaped cave where you can find water at the bottom of it.  If you know how to swim, then you can enjoy the spot to the fullest. There are three ways to enter the cave, by coming down through steep steps, by boat or directly enter the cave through swimming. The spot is also famous for fishing activity in the past, however, owing to better conservation efforts on local marine environment and tourism development, the spot is now popular tourist attraction. In summer, if the sun is bright and the tourist are lucky, they can observe an eye-catching spectrum in the cave made by the sun light. Its indeed a pleasant scene to observe, capture as well as save in the memory of those who visit.

Top 5 to-dos in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The time of the year to plan your Northern hemispohere Spring/Summer getaways has arrived, so this year choose the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.  Up until recently, Dubrovnik used to be a hidden gem, but its popularity has surged in the recent years owing to its magnificent scenery and lush green geographical layout. Here’s a list of things that you can do while you’re enjoying your vacation In Dubrovnik:
  1. Game of Thrones Tour:
Nowadays, many people come to Dubrovnik, because it is one of the major locations for Games of Thrones. According to one of the show’s senior production members: “Dubrovnik was built for Games of Thrones”! The comment is primarily related to the scenic and aesthetic value of the landscape and beauty of the surroundings. So, booking your Game of Thrones Tour is definitely the first thing you should do while in Dubrovnik. This will add some real memories to your tour.  
  1. Cruising in Croatia:
Croatia is one of the best places in the world for cruising. A lot of cruise trips companies offer mini cruises as well as week long cruises. A small ship cruise is an ideal solution for exploring all the tiny ports of call, magical hidden spots of innumerable islands and historical gems along the Croatian coast.  
  1. The city pedestrian tour and the cable car
The defensive stone city walls of Dubrovnik Old Town, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979, are a truly imposing sight. From the top, views of both the inner city with its sandy coloured buildings and terracotta roof tiles, and the glistening waters of the Adriatic are astounding. Or you can take a cable car ride to the peak of Srđ mountain and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea, Old Town Dubrovnik, Island Lokrumand the surrounding Elaphiti islands Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. The top of Srđ Mountain is the ideal spot for photos, the best time being around sunset. A restaurant, café and souvenir shop are also available to visitors at the upper Cable Car station and Fort Imperia.
  1. Feast on fresh and delicious oysters.
Dig into that oyster plate even if it’s your very first time. Trying the delicious and fresh oysters is definitely a must. We suggest you go to Lokando Peskarija located on the Old Harbour in the vicinity of the fish market. They also serve an assortment of other fresh, local seafood that you will fall in love with.  
  1. Dubrovnik Trails
If you want a fresh and unique alternative to regular sightseeing, you should definitely go to the Dubrovnik trails. Upon booking your desired trail you'll receive your trail equipment. Each trail allows you to learn about Dubrovnik and its history.


by Micro-Cruising

Croatia is becoming a sought-after place among tourists; it is one of those European countries which has rich culture and history, stunning architecture, scenic views and flavorful cuisine to offer. The tourism in Croatia saw a boom in recent years. One of the most popular travel destinations in Croatia is the city of Dubrovnik. However, there is so much more to Croatia than this city alone. Bol is a small port town located on Brac island. Visit Bol to experience the Croatia cruise that every traveller raves about. There are a lot of reasons to visit Bol, via small ship cruise:
  1. Zlatni Rat Beach
Zlatni Rat Beach is without any doubt the prettiest and most photographed beach in Croatia. What makes this beach unique from others is that it protrudes about 500 meters out in the Adriatic Sea in a tongue like shape; which is subject to change depending upon the wind and water currents. Spend your day on the beach soaking the sun on a small ship to explore enjoying by a small cruise.
  1. Blaca Hermitage
In addition to pristine beaches and small cruises, Croatia is also famous for its many architectural splendors. Blaca hermitage or Blaca monastery is a 16th century complex, that was established by two monks seeking asylum. It is now turned into a museum, which now contains many artifacts from that period, including a 400-kilo piano.
  1. Dragons cave
Bol has got you covered if you are a fan of mythical legends. Dragons cave is located near the village of Murvica, it takes about an hour’s hike to reach it; but it is worth all the sweat. The cave consists of a series of odd yet fascinating drawings and carvings of animals, dragons and religious symbols. A number of travel and tour companies offer a guided trip to this popular tourist destination (apart from the official tour guide to explore the monastery of Dragons cave).  You can book a tour in advance to save from any last minute hassles.
  1. Stina Winery
When on a small cruise, watching the sunset, the moment calls for a fine wine relish.  Stina Winery is a local Bol winery which incorporates traditional and modern techniques to come up with Croatia’s finest wine. Visit it during the day for some wine tasting experience and don’t forget to take some bottles home for your loved ones.
  1. Croatian cuisine
It is a known fact that food options available on Islands are always fresher and more flavorful. In Croatia, cuisine varies from region to region. Bol is a port town so the cuisine heavily consists of fresh out of water seafood. You can find a lot of eateries to have a decent and fulfilling meat as per your budget. However, do visit Terasa Santo to enjoy fresh seafood with a view of the ocean.

What makes Zadar, Croatia so special?

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Planning a trip to Croatia? Then the city of Zadar should be on your travel list. Also known as the “city of various events” is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is even in the good books of various famous people from all over the entertainment industry, business men and political leaders. According to the Croatia’s statistics, the Byzantine emperor and travel writer Constantine Porfirogenet, Zadar is one of the historic cities and is even older than Rome. Being a historical city gives it an edge from tourism point of view. The historical periods have left marks and scars of past destruction, different architectural buildings and sightings, visible art work etc which serves as an attraction for the present world. Zadar is a big city, big enough to keep the tourists occupied for the whole day and beautiful enough to take their breath away. Tourist can travel here and take the scenic route by small ship and upon arriving they can observe that even the streets are made with bright smooth marble. A small ship cruise brings you the opportunity to see the beauty to its fullest. Zadar is not an overcrowded place. Providing the tourist an advantage of its big area where they can easily roam around. Also, there are number of restaurants in the city. There are many spots in the city that the tourists and guest can observe, some of the most visited places are:

Sea Organ

One of the most surprising and interesting spots in the city of Zadar is waterfront with the Sea organ. Upon contact with the sea water it produces sound like music, higher the waves louder will be the sound/music.

Sun Salutation

Apart from the sea organ there is Sun Salutation with a blue disc fitted inside it. The blue disc is solar power and illuminates light at night creating a wonderful sight for the observer.

Museums in Zadar

Since Zadar is a historic city it is home to one of the oldest well-preserved artifacts and ruins. Large number of tourists visit the museums and learn a great deal of the city’s rich history between the museum walls. Some of the best museums of Zadar includes Arheološki muzej, Museum of Ancient Glass, muzej iluzija etc.

Water Based Activities in Zadar

It may be surprising, but Zadar has no beaches at all but the city makeups for it in numerous other ways. If you are still willing to visit the sea then you can take small ship cruises to enjoy activities such as swimming, scuba diving even dining after a day full of exciting activities. You can even book small cruises for 2-3 days if your time is limited.

Sea Spirit Poseidon Expeditions showcase

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Notes from the Poseidon Sea Spirit showcase 20th & 21st May 2019  
Here we are Boarding the Sea Spirit.
Everything was very professional and right from the get-go everyone was naturally friendly, I think because of their passion and enthusiasm - they truly loved what they were doing.
We had a Buffett BBQ Lunch out on the deck - they sometimes do breakfasts as well.
One of the Expedition Leaders (Canadian Geologist John) who sat with us along with Huw the Expedition Leader for the UK trip, his wife and daughter.
Our room 3rd deck  Room 333 - same level as Reception
There were two dressing gowns, nice large windows, some had portholes (lower decks) - some rooms had different sized balconies.
We also had a lounge area in our cabin.
Vessel Tour
The rooms were spacious and well decorated - lots of wood and there was a curtain that you could pull across to divide the room.
The lounge could be an extra bed.
Owners Suite - very luxurious - a section away from other cabins, numerous rooms and large balcony.
Welcome by the Captain - Cocktail Party in the Lounge Area where most of the presentation was held - they had 5/6 TV screens across the front
Introduced the Crew
Dining Room
Actually we ended up at this table in the evening having dinner with Kate from Sales.
Delicious:  We had the Lobster, Lamb and I can’t remember desert (maybe too much wine and champagne earlier). The Chef came round to each table at the end of the meal and chatted - nice touch!
Actually there was an organised carry on party afterwards but it was 10ish by the time we finished the meal.
Passing the Sea Spirit the next night from the Ferry crossing…looks like they had to do the same thing again and anchor in the bay to let the ferry dock!
The schedule was very professional and well-presented, they gave us lectures on the kayaks and zodiacs there is also a gymnasium.
Apart from going to both the South & North Pole, the next day they were trialling a trip around the UK…looked fabulous.
We were spoilt staying overnight on this luxurious ship and had a very enjoyable time on the Sea Spirit.