Enjoy savings of up to 30% + Air Tickets & Park Fees January and February 2018 Galapagos Cruises

December 19, 2017

If you act quickly, your clients can save up to 30% and receive the Galapagos Air Tickets (from mainland Ecuador – a $500 plus value), the Galapagos National Park Fee (a $100 value) and the Galapagos Transit Control Card (a $20 value) FREE, on your Galapagos winter getaway when you travel in the months of January and February. Limited spaces are available. Your regular commission also applies!

January and February are two of the best months of the year to travel to the islands due to weather, air temperatures and water visibility! Nature also likes to put on a show during this time of the year as wildlife like penguins, red footed boobies, flamingos and flightless cormorants begin nesting, while the giant tortoises start laying eggs in the wild