New for 2018 – Bear Viewing at Pack Creek!

December 5, 2017

So you’ve seen amazing mountains, you’ve been awed by glaciers calving, and you’ve watched majestic whales breaching. Now we want you to step it up a level — with BEARS! And not just any old bears, but Alaska Brown Bears breathtakingly close to you on the beach.

New for 2018, we’re adding Pack Creek Bear viewing to a couple of our trips. On these trips you’ll get to go ashore along with an experienced local guide to watch and photograph the bears.

On these trips, we’ll steam up Seymour Canal on Admiralty Island and arrive at Windfall Harbor in the late afternoon.  Dan Kirkwood, from Pack Creek Bear Tours, will meet us and take us ashore. Once on the beach, we’ll watch as the bears forage in the sedge grass and dig for clams. Make sure you have your cameras ready. (The bears don’t do instant replays.) We’ll have lots of time for viewing and photos.

Later that evening, Dan will have dinner with us and spend the night aboard. He’s a great guy, who’s really knowledgeable about the local bears, the wilderness and the environment.

The next morning, he’ll take us ashore again, but this time to an area of the harbor that is more remote. Here the bears are less habituated to humans, however it is still an amazing wilderness with plenty of exploring and photography opportunities. And did we mention bears?

Come and join us. It’s going to be amazing!
We’re adding Pack Creek Bear Viewing to Trips #314, May 9-16, 2018 and #316, May 30 – June 6, 2018. Please note that Trip #316 is also a Photography Workshop trip.

Take your bear photography to the next level!