Antarctic Arctic Seasonal Savings & Animal Rights Day Saving up to U$3,374 – Seasonal offer!

December 5, 2017

Check out our cruise “Antarctic Awakening: Falklands, South Georgia & the Antarctic Islands” from 20 October to 08 November 2018. It’s a beautiful time, with pristine snow and early season expedition cruising at its best! Savings on all new reservations of 10%-15%, depending on stateroom category reserved.
South & West Greenland and Disko Bay
West Greenland beckons the adventurous traveler with massive icebergs, whales, Viking history and Inuit culture. We are pleased to now offer savings of 10% on new reservations for our South & West Greenland and Disko Bay, 06 Jun – 17 Jun 2018 voyage aboard the Sea Spirit. Save from $520 to $1,300 per person plus –complimentary one-way airfare from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq ($617 value).
Searching for Polar Bears
December 10th is Animal Rights Day, and we would like to focus on the plight of the king of the Arctic realm – the polar bear. The long-term effects of climate change and other factors of the modern era threaten to topple this magnificent creature from the apex of the Arctic food chain. We take our responsibility to educate travelers about this very seriously. With donations of thousands of dollars every year, Poseidon Expeditions and its guests also support “Polar Bears International” and their research on behalf of polar bears.