Presenting the Completely Refurbished M/V Evolution

October 26, 2017

At Quasar Expeditions, we pride ourselves on offering the finest experience of small boat cruising through the Galapagos. One of the ways that we do this is by continuously upgrading the décor of our yachts to ensure that our facilities are impeccably clean, modern and luxurious. From August through to October of 2017, one of our two yachts, M/V Evolution, is receiving its annual makeover before heading out for adventure this high-season. This time though, it’s a full makeover! If you’re booked to cruise with us or are interested in joining us for an experience of a lifetime, read on to learn more about the upgrade of our M/V Evolution yacht.



Quality is the focus of the concept she’s put together for the M/V Evolution as every detail has been meticulously planned to portray an elegant sophistication through functionality and timelessness. Our ship hasn’t just been designed to look good, it’s been carefully crafted to deliver a memorable experience through its sense of place and harmony. 2017 Yacht Improvements During the 2017 dry dock season, M/V Evolution will be hauled out of the water for a thorough and complete upgrade. Nothing will be left untouched from regular maintenance of the engines, generators and drive shafts to the renovation and redecoration of the entire inside of the ship. Firstly, the layout of the cabins and social areas on board the ship will be redesigned to maximize their usable space. This will allow us to install luxurious, king-sized beds in all of our A1 cabins. We’ll also be able to offer a brand new, on-board boutique and coffee lounge for you to relax over some of the finest locally-grown Galapagos coffee. To match the our new spaces, our existing common areas, bar and kitchen will receive a makeover so that we can continue to offer the most premium dining experience that travels with you throughout the islands. Furthermore, for your safety and peace of mind, we’re also installing a new, high-quality emergency lighting system that will be featured throughout the vessel.Evolution-Lounge Evolution-Suite Evolution-Interior-Dining-Room

To help you to feel at home when cruising with us, each cabin is also undergoing a thorough revamp. You can expect our high level of comfort to remain with specially designed décor and furniture that enhances your on-board experience by mixing practicality with modern and luxurious style. Each cabin will feature a state-of-the-art, smart lighting system that will allow you to adjust the level of lighting to one of three mood settings. Additionally, we’re upgrading our bathroom facilities with brand new marine standard toilets. These have been specifically designed to reduce and eliminate many of the problems that commonly occur on other ships.

Here is a rundown list of all the improvements and renovations taking place on the newly remodeled M/V Evolution: New, contemporary decor by Adriana Hoyos, a renown designer, that has worked with iconic cruising brands and luxury hotels. Tailored furniture designed to enhance the Galapagos cruising experience. Modern lighting that adjusts to different moods. Guests can select the mood lighting in their cabins. Upgraded bar. Safety upgrades through state of the art, emergency lighting. Re-destribution of cabins and social areas to maximize space and improve comfort. Cabin A1 will feature a King sized bed. A new coffee lounge where guests can enjoy the finest coffee experience, including Galapagos grown coffee. A brand new, onboard boutique. Improved cuisine experience accomplished by our newly equipped kitchen. Upgraded bathrooms designed to match practicality and modern decor.