SAVE up to $1,500 + Avoid Single Supplements!

September 17, 2017


A small-ship voyage is perfect for solo travellers looking for an intimate voyage to Antarctica. And now is the time to take the leap and book your solo adventure to the White Continent: for a limited time solo travellers can SAVE up to $1,500 per person on selected 2017/18 Antarctica & South Georgia expeditions when booked by 30 September 2017.*

PLUS, avoid single supplements! We don’t believe you should be punished for striking out on your own. Which is why we have our popular Cabin-Mate finding service, that matches you with a roommate of the same gender, and helps you avoid paying extra.

So why wait for the perfect travel companion?


Cabin Mate Finding Service

Triple and twin share cabins are ideal for single travellers who are keen to share the adventure with new acquaintances and to experience everything a small group adventure has to offer. Whatever your walk of life, our informal, enriching style of travel and small group size ensures camaraderie and fun.

Our popular cabin mate finding service helps to keep the cost down for would-be solo travellers. If you are travelling alone, we will attempt to find a same-sex cabin partner and if a suitable partner cannot be found, you will only pay the standard single occupancy rate.


Here are four reasons why you should take a solo adventure with Aurora Expeditions.

1) Meeting new friends

As you’re travelling alone, the most obvious benefit to joining a voyage is making new friends who have the same passions and excitement for the outdoors. Amongst every group, there will probably be someone who is keen to explore a historic site or is fascinated by a particular bird or wildlife species as much as you.

This means you can form quality relationships with those who you’ve just met and enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals.

Our style of travel is small groups, which means camaraderie and fun are maximised. On board the ship, you’ll find we encourage a relaxed and casual atmosphere, with family style dining rooms and a lively bar for socialising during the evenings. Although you can choose a private cabin if you want, we have twin and triple share cabins for single travellers who want to engage and meet new people.


2) ‘No Single Supplement’ option

Solo travellers who are happy to share can take advantage of our informal “cabin-mate finding service”, that matches you with a cabin mate (or two) of the same gender. This way you can avoid paying any extra single supplements during your voyage with us, which is our way of making sure that individuals are not punished because they are on their own.

At the same time, if you prefer a private cabin, you will pay a discounted rate of 1.7 times the twin occupancy per person rate. This ensures that nobody is charged inappropriately when travelling solo.



3) Creating more meaningful experiences

Travelling with family and friends can be great, but if they aren’t exactly fully engaged with the holiday, there is the potential that they can distract you. This is one of the beauties of travelling alone, being able to connect with a particular place and enjoy the experience in your own way and at your own pace.

Whether this is birdwatching in Spitsbergen, uncovering the medieval history that still exists on Scotland’s Hebridean islands, or perfecting your photography in South Georgia, if you’re passionate about something, you perhaps need to enjoy it in your own time to fully appreciate it.

Interestingly, you could always find those with similar passions and interests onboard – allowing you to explore the topic in more depth and maybe even learn a thing or two you didn’t know!

If your family or friends have no interest in these types of activities, you can enjoy them to your heart’s content – without worrying about other people.

Solo travellers save up to $1,500

4) It’s healthier for your mind and body

It’s safe to say that some people are scared of being alone. Whether this is in a relationship sense or just physically, most humans love social contact and interaction. However, this doesn’t mean to say that being alone isn’t good for you – in fact, according to science, it is.

Constanza Bianchi, a professor from Queensland University of Technology’s Business School, noted that travelling solo can provide mental strength and allow your creative juices to flow.


“Traveling alone for holidays also provided some participants with the feeling that they had more control over their lives and actions,” she said, based on a Mic article. “Solo traveling also offered some participants the possibility of reflection and self-discovery.”

Perhaps explore your creative side in the form of a travel journal or start a photo collection – with the open ocean surrounding the horizon and sea breeze in your face, it’s truly a time to think about the important things in your life.

Want to explore the world solo?

We welcome solo travellers of all ages and backgrounds onboard. It doesn’t matter what you want to see, here at Aurora Expeditions will do our best to ensure your trip is as great as possible. Who knows, you might even meet a few potential life-long friends along the way!


Private Cabins

For passengers who prefer to be guaranteed a private cabin, you can book a sole occupancy cabin at a discounted rate: 1.7 times the twin occupancy per person rate. Speak with one of our Expedition Experts for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about joining one of our expeditions as a solo traveller please give us a call. Or alternatively have a look below at the questions we are most frequently asked by solo passengers who haven’t yet experienced one of our small ship expeditions:

If I travel solo do I have to pay a single supplement?

No. We do not have compulsory single supplements if you are willing to share a cabin. The majority of cabins are available on twin share basis in twin rooms, at no additional charge. This means that as a solo traveller you may pay the twin-share rate and we will find a suitable person as possible, of roughly the same age. We also offer popular triple share cabins which are ideally suited to same sex solo travellers and provide the most cost-effective way of travelling.

What if I want a single room?

That is fine. We offer the option to pay extra for a sole occupancy cabin of your own (a single supplement option). This is 1.7 times the twin occupancy rate.

Will the group be full of couples or solo travellers?

On our expeditions the average ratio between solo travellers and others (whether couples or friends) is approximately 30:70. However this varies. If you are keen to know more about the others booked on your specific voyage, talk to one of our Expedition Experts for more details. We are always keen to help ensure you are booked on the most suitable voyage for you.

Are other single travellers mainly women or men?

Generally the split between women and men travelling solo on our trips is 50:50, however in recent years there has been a slight rise in the number of female solo travellers. Male or female, the split is generally quite even; however if you are keen to know more about the others booked on your specific voyage, talk to our sales team for more details.

What age will the rest of my group be?

The age groups of passengers on our voyages vary hugely. Traditionally the majority of passengers have been over 50, however in recent years we have seen an increase in younger guests; particularly with the lure of our adventure activities, photography workshops, adding voyages to a round-the-world trip etc. We would say expect the age range to be diverse & rest assured that a good, mixed range of ages on the expedition makes the experience all the more fun.