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September 15, 2017

It is time to announce an updated sailing schedule. After finishing our upcoming Antarctica season we will set sail from Cape Town to the Azores. A breathtaking equator crossing voyage of 54 amazing sailing days, including stops to the remote islands St Helena and Ascension Island. A voyage full of history, adventure and wildlife! From the Azores we wil set sail to Stavanger in Norway to join the international Tall Ship fleet in a race to Harlingen in the Netherlands.

And of course after spending the Northern summer in Europe with the EUROPA we will go South again, to Antarctica for another beautiful season on the white continent in 2018/2019. Booking is possible for the Antarctica voyages as of Tuesday September 19th 12.00 hrs CEST (Central European Summer Time). Dates and rates of all our new voyages are available online on our sailing schedule

Beautiful ocean crossing, up North!
After two years of wandering the oceans, the EUROPA will turn her bow North for an amazing wander North, for her first visit to Europe in two years. In 54 days we will sail from Cape Town to the Azores, 54 days of ocean sailing bliss. During this voyage we will visit the remote islands of Saint Helena, and Ascension Island, just in time to see the Green Turtles hatch on the beaches! And great news for youngsters up to 25 years, we have a special fare for you to join this adventure.

From the Azores our journey the Europe will continue, we will be heading to Stavanger in Norway where we will meet the international Tall Ship Fleet for an exciting race to Harlingen in the Netherlands

Three new Antarctic expeditions are planned from November 2018 giving 120 new sailors a chance to explore the Antarctic peninsula with us. The Antarctic expeditions are in high demand, so we have some guidelines to ensure a smooth booking process. The voyage are already online on our website for you to have a look at the dates and fares, but the actual booking of an Antarctic voyage is only possible from Tuesday 19 September 2018, 12.00 hours (noon) CEST.Not mentioned yet is a Cape to Cape expedition from Ushuaia to Cape Town. Although we do plan to sail this expedition, the exact dates will be only known in May 2018 due to our maintenance schedule. We will keep you updated on this voyage and from which date this voyage can be booked via our newsletter and website.
Expedition 1 season 2018/2019
Sailing from Montevideo to South Georgia, Antarctica  and Ushuaia

This first expedition of the season is an ideal combination of ocean sailing and remote destinations. In 39 days we will have many days at sea and we will explore the nature and wildlife of South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula, before arriving in Ushuaia.
Expeditions 2 and 3 season 2018/2019
22-day Antarctica expeditions

We are happy to announce the dates of two 22-day Antarctica voyages planned in 2018/2019, both beginning and finishing in Ushuaia. Antarctica is a huge, cold, white plain, which appeals to the imagination of everybody. Many are fascinated by the rich wildlife and the beauty of the unspoilt Antarctic natural environment.
How to Book
Although the dates of our 2018/2019 Antarctic voyages are online, bookings will open at September 19th, at 12.00 hrs (midday) CEST (Central European Sumer Time). This way all people interested in sailing on board Europa have a few days to receive the information and gives everyone a fair chance to make a booking. Please keep in mind the following notes:
•   Bookings will be accepted at September 19th, 2017 from 12.00 hrs CEST and processed in order of receipt by e-mail
•   Any bookings received before this time will not be processed
•   Please send in a bookingform per person. Add the names of your fellow travellers in the remarks of your booking.
•   Please return a fully completed booking form back to our office. Please find the form online: Book Online
•   Please keep in mind that after medical approval of your booking your reservation is definite and a cancellation fee will apply. We will require a deposit of 30% after confirmation.
•   It is possible to make an optional reservation, but please be advised that complete booking forms and health statements will be prioritized.