Fair Isle, Faroes, and Spitsbergen: Birds and Bears

August 14, 2017

Feel the Polar Spring on Our Newest (and Earliest) Arctic Expedition

May 23–Jun 2, 2018 11 Ocean Adventurer From U$2,995pp

New for 2018, Fair Isle, Faroes, and Spitsbergen: Birds & Bears.

Our first departure of the season lets you chart a unique course, and experience the region’s spring awakening. The early date makes pristine ice and animated wildlife a hallmark of this one-time expedition, which also features rich local culture, and diverse geography.

Fair Isle, Faroes, and Spitsbergen: Birds and Bears

11 days

Remote means remarkable on this Arctic adventure during the region’s spring awakening. Weave through towering fjords and secluded cliffs blanketed in Atlantic puffins. Visit polar islands accessible only by ship, including the world’s most northern volcano, breeding site of hundreds of thousands of northern birds. Large masses of pack ice still intact provide ample opportunity to spot roaming polar bears and possibly a bear cub, or two. Defined by endless moments of bird and bear sightings, this trip delivers a polar experience teeming with wildlife.

Lead the Charge

Departing in May of 2018, this expedition is the earliest of our Arctic season. This means you’ll see an environment untouched by surf or sun, and full with the rush of life waking up to spring.


Forge a Unique Trail

Aberdeen will serve as your gateway to the Arctic, but there are 3 countries on this route. Fair Isle is the far north of the UK, Denmark lays claim to the Faroes, and the isolated volcano Jan Mayen is part of Norway, as is Spitsbergen.


See Undisturbed Northern Wildlife

Birds & Bears lives up to its name, putting you in the thick of numerous polar and sub-polar creatures. Along with the titular species, whales, seals, dolphins, and reindeer can all be spotted in the perpetual daylight.unnamed

Locals from the Faroes

Run Free in the Faroes

A former Viking settlement, now with a population of 50,000, The Faroe Islands feature picturesque towns, and quaint houses with traditional sod roofs. You’ll be able to meet the locals, and discover what the capital of Torshavn can offer.

Day-by-DayExpedition in Brief

  • Encounter iconic Arctic wildlife, such as whales, reindeer, seals, seabirds and the iconic polar bear
  • Explore the volcanic and glacier-covered Jan Mayen island, in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Visit abandoned whaling stations, a bird observatory and other significant sites, and learn about the storied history of the region
  • Cruise in a Zodiac to get up close to wildlife and diverse landscapes