One Ocean Expansion with a new ship

August 1, 2017

It is One Ocean Expeditions’ (OOE) tenth year of operation and we have some very exciting news to share with you.


For the last two years we have experienced exponential growth and seasons that have sold out in Antarctica, the High Arctic and East Coast of Canada. We have been looking for the ideal vessel to expand our shipboard operations and worldwide itineraries.


Today, we are proud to announce the expansion of OOE’s operations and our expedition cruise fleet with our new vessel – ‘RCGS Resolute’.


RCGS Resolute – will join Akademik Ioffe and Akademik Sergey Vavilov under the One Ocean Expeditions banner in November 2018, commencing operations in Antarctica.


With the highest possible classification, a proven track record for stability and safety, large indoor and outdoor viewing platforms, and exceptional manoeuvrability, RCGS Resolute is ideally equipped to carry your guests through the world’s most pristine regions. The addition of this celebrated vessel further expands OOE’s expertise in exploration and discovery.


RCGS Resolute will carry a maximum of just 146 passengers in great comfort, with an array of amenities, educational opportunities and all of the well known One Ocean Expeditions activities tailored to guests’ particular interests, as well as personalized service. As we like to say, this ship offers enhanced ‘hardware’ – and features OOE’s legendary operational ‘software’ – a perfect match.


Our new ship is named after the ‘HMS Resolute’, a famous early British Royal Navy Arctic exploration vessel, as well as the Inuit town of Resolute in Canada’s Nunavut Territory – deep in the Canadian Arctic. The RCGS Resolute will arrive in Canada in late 2018 prior to the start of her inaugural OOE polar season where she will operate a series of voyages in Antarctica, including the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.


RCGS Resolute also carries the name of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS). One Ocean Expeditions and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society are exclusive partners and together we prioritize education, exploration, science, social and economical community development, and travel across Canada’s north. This longstanding partnership works to the benefit of your guests, who have the opportunity to learn from – and interact with world-renowned educators, researchers, naturalists, marine biologists, artists, historians and photographers.


Featuring unsurpassed safety, comfort, and value we are confident Akademik IoffeAkademik Sergey Vavilov, and RCGS Resolute will provide the best options to carry your clients into the Polar regions and beyond.


Our plan is to publish the dates and prices for Antarctica 2018-19 onboard RCGS Resolute in a couple of weeks time, followed shortly thereafter by trip notes and maps. Product updates, training materials, new imagery and new website/marketing content will be available in coming weeks.


We are sure many questions will follow and we anticipate much talking over the next few months!  In the meantime, we are positive you will all join in our excitement as we head towards November 2018 and the delivery of RCGS Resolute.