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June 1, 2017

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The Galapagos Islands Offers the Perfect Getaway for Grandparents & Grandkids
Now that school is almost out, it’s the perfect time to travel, and your next adventure awaits you in the Galapagos Islands. Not only can this trip be crossed off your own bucket list, but this is the perfect opportunity to make happy memories with your grandchildren as well. And what better graduation present than a trip to this amazing destination?!

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“We have traveled with our children and grandchildren since they were very young. Traveling with grandchildren seems even more special because you get yet another chance to discover the wonders of our world through a young person. The gift of travel educates a child about the entire world and remains a part of their life forever. We all had a blast on our trip to the magnificent Galapagos islands!”  – Rae Sawyer
Cross the Equator with Ecoventura!
During your Galapagos cruise vacation, celebrate with us one of the most jovial traditions in the equatorial islands – crossing the equator with a King Neptune party! The ceremony is offered on our Itinerary B route only, when we cross the Equator to the Western Islands.

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 See how much fun we have on board with our crew and guests during the King Neptune Ceremony!!