Discover unexpected adventure in the Arctic

April 14, 2017

Hiking in Greenland. Forge Your Own Trail.

Explore backcountry wilderness, and let your wanderlust consume you in Greenland, the Arctic’s best-kept secret. Pristine mountains, lakes and ice surround you as you hike in East, South and West Greenland. Take a hike and go completely off-grid.

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They’re Built for the Arctic. Are You?

From their dense insulating fur, to their mysterious dark eyes, polar bears are one of the planet’s most majestic creatures. If you’re as fascinated by them as we are, take a look at’s Polar Bear Cam, and see if you can spot our own sponsored bear, Polaris.

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The Canadian High Arctic

The Canadian Arctic: The Ultimate Explorer’s Playground

Inuit communities, national parks, stunning scenery and impressive wildlife, the Canadian High Arctic has it all. Explore this interactive map of the Canadian Arctic to discover what you can see and do in this pristine terrain.

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Travel Writer Tales from National Geographic

Share Your Best Travel Tale With the World

The best parts of traveling are the stories you tell for years to come. If you’ve got a way with words, enter National Geographic Traveller’s writing contest for a chance to win an expedition to experience Greenland’s Northern Lights with us! Contest ends May 15, 2017.

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Polar Bears International: Conservation with Impact

Be on the Front Lines of Polar Conservation

This summer, world-renowned polar bear expert Geoff York, of Polar Bears International, is joining us at the North Pole (Jul 31–Aug 13, 2017). His mission is to inspire travelers to better understand the long-term need to conserve Polar Bears and the sea ice they depend upon. Contact a Polar Travel Adviser for details on joining this once-in-a-lifetime expedition.

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