Inauguration of the newly renovated MS Symphonie in Strasbourg

April 11, 2017

The MS Symphonie joined the fleet of CroisiEurope back in 1997.

Measuring 110 meters long and 10 meters wide, the 5 anchors class ship has since sailed on the Rhine and on the Danube rivers.
Its good and faithful service has been rewarded this year as it’s been completely renovated and now displays a totally revamped interior – chic and very comfy.


The number of cabins has been revised downwards in order to offer larger rooms to our passengers.

For those of us who were not directly involved into this renovation project, the unveiling was quite a surprise at the company’s annual open day, last month in Strasbourg, France.

See for yourself how it’s changed!

Inauguration of the MS Miguel Torga in Portugal


On March 30th, CroisiEurope has inaugurated its fifth boat on the Douro in Portugal.

Hence, the brand-new MS Miguel Torga is joining the MS Fernao de Magalhaes, Infante don Henrique, Vasco Da Gama et Gil Eanes to meet the ever-increasing demand of the CroisiEurope community to sail along the “Golden River”.

Measuring 80 meters long and 11m40 wide, the MS Miguel Torga is 5 meters longer than its predecessors and is equipped with a real pool installed on the sun deck to offer maximum comfort to its lucky passengers. The whole ship has truly been designed with that same will to combine charm and modernity. The interior, from the cabins to the restaurant via the lounge-bar, displays a plain but princely mixture of white and red shades referring to linen and Port wine.


Of course, the inauguration of a new cruise ship is always a great milestone for the company. For you, we’ve lived the event on site, and shared all the key moments on social networks.

As if you were there…

High-speed railway line Paris-Bordeaux


The high-speed railway line connecting Bordeaux (in Southwestern France / Lonely Planet’s “World’s Best City to visit” in 2017) to Paris in just 2 hours – and 4 minutes, precisely – will soon be operational: a true bargain for travellers!

The first trains will not run until July 2, 2017 but the colossal construction work is finally completed.

The president of the French rail company promises an offer with “35,000 seats” as well as “18,5 daily round trips” between the metropolises.

With a substantial 1h11 gain in time on the ride, there is really no longer any reason not to take advantage of it to make a stopover in one of the two cities during your next cruises in the country!





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L’Elbe en croisière

Thinking about your next trips? …And why not Central Europe?

Savour the one-of-a-kind appeals of our river cruises along the Elbe! Embark on exciting journeys, unique blends of nature and culture, in search of must-see sites – aboard, notably, our magnificent paddlewheel-powered ship the MS Elbe Princesse.
Short overview of the key destinations that await your leisurely exploration.



In Berlin, immerse yourself in the bustling German capital. A guided tour will reveal its extraordinary history. Among the highlights: going up the 17th of June Street straight to the famous Victory Column where a statue of Chancellor Bismarck will proudly salute you; you will also have the opportunity to admire the impressive Brandenburg Gate adjoining the Reichstag Palace.



In Hamburg, regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, marvel at the originality and richness of the urban architecture. Indeed, here stand alongside, for the most striking effect, majestic neo-Renaissance edifices next to modern constructions such as the Chilehaus, a brick building from the 1920s’ Expressionism, whose eastern facade evokes the prow of a boat.



Prague (we are the only ship-owners to moor in town, an unprecedented feat yet unmatched!) and its bohemian vibes will invite you to a getaway out of time. Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, “the City of a Hundred Spires” has this incredible ability to transport whoever treads its soil at the height of a passionate exaltation. You go for a walk along the Prazsky hrad castles, and, as if by magic, it is but a sweet Mozart’s symphony that suddenly resonates in your ears and gives your steps their tempo! Last but not least, Amsterdam, decidedly romantic, has its own atypical brand of charm no one can resist. The picturesque canals of this “Venice of the North” will undoubtedly enchant you.

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