Now Offering WiFi on board the MV ORIGIN

February 15, 2017

Our luxury vessel MV ORIGIN is top notch in terms of style, comfort, and sustainability — and we’re now excited to announce a new feature that will make your voyage on the ORIGIN even more perfect…

WiFi is now available on board!

The ORIGIN will be offering unlimited internet navigation data for all our guests devices for an additional charge starting with our cruise on February 5th.

Keep reading for full details…

There are four Wi-Fi  options available:

  • Starter Iguana – 1 day ($100)
  • Pro Booby – 3 days  ($200)
  • Deluxe Finch – 5 days  ($260)
  • Premium Darwin – 7 days  ($320)


  • Price does not include 14% tax.
  • Not available for video streaming.
  • Two devices cannot be used at the same time. Please logout from one of them while in use.
  • To guarantee bandwidth performance, only one plan/pin can be sold per cabin.

Some things to keep in mind while connected to the Internet:

  • After the first login, the time counter starts in a consecutive mode. For example: the one day plan is converted in 24 consecutive hours.
  • Please take in consideration that the satellite internet can be irregular in certain areas and weather conditions can impact the navigation performance.
  • While anchored at Tagus Cove, Isabela (Itinerary B), there is no internet service.