Arctic Early birds and new Canada Golf Expeditions

February 12, 2017

We have some exciting earlybird offers which are valid until 31 May 2017. These offers include:

  • Canadian Arctic and Labrador/Torngats = 50% off charter flights!
  • East Coast Canada – Fins & Fiddles = 1 x complimentary hotel night pre voyage + $US100 ship board credit
  • Spitsbergen = $US1,000 flight credit

NEW Canada’s East Coast Golf Expedition

A seven-night voyage highlighting some of the best-known golf courses in the country, hidden along the East Coast. Guests enjoy the luxury of waking up each morning to a new course and the ease of boarding an expedition zodiac to take them ashore for their next round.

 Canada’s East Coast Fins & Fiddles – A Canadian Signature Experience

Two departures planned in July 2018 for this quintessential expedition cruise that explores four provinces, four National Parks and two countries.  All guided activities are included from kayaking and biking to stand up paddle-boarding. Also featuring all-inclusive activities and special prices for families.

Labrador and Torngat Explorer

This itinerary offers an incredible transition from the East Coast provinces of Canada into the heart of the Arctic.  Although this summer’s inaugural departure is still to take place, the voyage is already a popular option.  Perhaps the chance to see a black bear and polar bear on the same day is something that just cannot be missed!

High Arctic Explorer

Sailing from Resolute, 24-hour daylight provides the very real possibility to see polar bear, beluga, bowhead and, maybe even, the mythical narwhal.  Story-telling Inuit guides will enhance expedition stops such as Beechey Island, where the graves marking the end of the infamous Franklin expedition are found.

Pathways to Franklin

A voyage of history focusing on early Arctic exploration and especially Sir John Franklin’s expedition of the 1840s in which two ships vanished for almost 170 years.  OOE played a significant role in the discovery of one of these ships, HMS Erebus, in 2014, while the second, HMS Terror, was discovered in September 2016.

Classic Northwest Passage & Greenland

2018 will feature three departures of the ‘Classic Northwest Passage’ route following in the wake of early explorers to one of the last remaining great wilderness regions on the planet, two of which include the west coast of Greenland. Wildlife highlights abound with sightings of polar bear, walrus, seals (harp, grey, bearded, monk), caribou, hare, fox, and a myriad of bird species.

Spitsbergen Encounter

Two 9-night departures will focus on the western and northern coasts of Spitsbergen, which boast the highest concentration of wildlife, including polar bear, belugas, puffins and walrus. Our award-winning polar photographer, Daisy Gilardini, will lead our popular photographic symposium on the 19-28 June 2018 departure where our team of professional photographers will delight your clients by sharing their technical expertise and knowledge.

Art in the Arctic

New for 2018, OOE is introducing their inaugural Art in the Arctic program, the most comprehensive visual art package available north of the Arctic Circle. In addition to wildlife, photography, culture and the various activities and expeditions we always offer, our voyages will feature Art onboard with guest artists from around the world helping to share visually the story of life above the Arctic Circle.

Artists will include Chris Cran, Cory Trepanier, David McEown and Bruce Pearson, as well as artists from local Inuit communities and the OOE sponsored Scott Polar Research Institute artist.

2017 Arctic Booking Bonus Update 

Canadian Arctic & Labrador:
US$500 charter flight credit available on all remaining berths to the Canadian Arctic

Canada’s East Coast: Fins & Fiddles and Golf Expedition:
– One-night complimentary pre-voyage hotel per booking and
– US$100 shipboard credit per person (total of US$250)

US$1000pp air credit
These offers are based on new bookings made before 31 May 2017 and are subject to availability.