Sailing on a tall ship!

February 8, 2017

Non-stop sailing for more than two weeks along the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, through the famous Strait of Gibraltar and on the Atlantic Ocean. On this voyage you will learn the ins and outs of sailing on a three mast tallship and enjoy the spectacular views from the deck. Experience what it feels like to have the wind through your hair while you climb the mast all the way to the top! When the weather permits the ship will be at anchor at one of the Channel Islands for a few hours.


More than a month on board of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam while crossing the Atlantic Ocean is an almost unbeatable experience for the true sailing enthusiast. The dolphins tumbling near the ship’s bow, astonishing clouds, colorful rainbows, most amazing sunrises and sunsets but also the peacefulness and the open sea will make you relive the old days. An unique chance to admire the Clipper in all her glory.
There are a few cabins available on this trip.



For 14 days we will be sailing non-stop about 1800 nautical miles, passing the Strait of Gibraltar and along the east coast of Spain, to our final destination in the south of France. This trip will make your heart beat faster. A very unique experience! Learn all about sailing on a tallship during the red, white or blue watch and experience what it is like to be part of the crew.



At the most beautiful spots of the British Virgin Islands and The Grenadines our guests enjoy the sun, crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches, delicious food and fantastic sailing on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam at this very moment. After a day at sea the anchor is dropped in an idyllic bay. There our guests swim and snorkel in the near-body temperature water while our chef prepares a barbecue on a pearly white beach. The next day island life will be explored.  

At the end of February when our luxury cruise season ends, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam will sail to Havanna on the island Cuba for the very first time. Cities like Galveston, New Orleans, Tampa and Miami on the US east coast will be places where various business events are organized after Havana. The Atlantic crossing from Miami to the south of France is the next big event on our sailing schedule. After a stay in the Mediterranean the Clipper will continue her voyage in July heading home to the Netherlands where our guests will enjoy several corporate events in August. A visit to London and Hamburg will be on the agenda in September and after our annual maintenance program, the Stad Amsterdam will be off to Martinique again with help from the trade winds.