Feel like getting away? Up to -50% reduction for the 2nd person!

February 3, 2017

Feeling like getting away…
Wherever you find yourself in our big great world, each destination conceals hidden splendors and well-kept secrets – up to you to revive…

In Africa and in Asia…

In Southern Africa, where the animal kingdom reigns supreme, step -without being noticed- into a prodigious open-air picture for an intimate and singular experience.
Venture into these faraway eternal lands where the Mekong river fascinates people and shapes lives. Wherever you look, beyond splendid sceneries, the real treasure lies in people’s smiles.
Southern Africa: travel to the ends of the earth


9-day cruise – Ref: 11A_CLPP

2017 departures: December 6th & 12th
2018 departure: January 5th

Save 400 € per cabin*
or 200 € reduction per person

From 4 219 € instead of 4 419 € per person

Travelling up the Mekong river


11-day cruise – Ref: 13H_PP

2017 departure: April 19th

Save 800 € per cabin*
or 400 € reduction per person

From 1 715 € instead of 2 115 € per person

…or in Europe

Sail along the Loire, the royal river and its “hundreds castles” where tales truly meet History.
The harmonious meanders of the Seine Valley invite to meditation – from the Côte Fleurie to Honfleur, muse of the Impressionists.
The Loire, a Royal legacy


6-day cruise – Ref: NSN_PP

2017 departure: April 6th

Companion save 50%*!

From 1 253 € | 627 €* for the 2nd person

The Seine Valley and its harmonious meanders


5 to 6 days – Ref: PAF or SIP

2017 departures:
April 12th
(ref: PAF)
April 11th & 20th (ref: SIP)

Free shore excursions

From 815 € per person

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The American award-winning television series “Innovations” broadcasted a report about our company – focus on our cruises in the Loire Valley – on January, Saturday 21st. The program is dedicated to bringing viewers the most up-to-date, cutting edge information across a vast array of industries.

From health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and more, it features practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike.

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