Aqua Guests Speak Up

December 1, 2016

Listen to Why Guests Love Our Cruises In The Amazon

We’re always so pleased to meet each of our guests as they first come on board our cruiseships. They are so impressive. Sophisticated world travelers,  many of them have been to some pretty fascinating destinations over the years. So when we wanted to ask them about their impressions of cruising with us through the Peruvian Amazon, we were sure we’d hear some interesting perspectives. We were right! 


Here are some great impressions to share with your clients…

For Women Only: 2017 Departures 

Book by December 31, 2016Due to popular demand, we’re extending our deadline for booking our new just-for-women cruises! Women on our cruises tell us they just love the variety and diversity of the Aqua Expeditions cruise experience! Don’t miss our January and March 2017 special departures just for women! 

Zika Update: Peruvian Amazon 

World Health Organization Ends International Emergency Status

The WHO has recently reclassified the status of the Zika virus due, in part, to the much lower rate of infections, death and deformities attributed to Zika since the original health emergency. 

Founder-Hosted 2017 Departures Introduce Your Clients to Francesco Galli Zugaro

As the visionary behind Aqua Expeditions, on these exclusive cruises, Francesco shares his unique perspective about how to take luxury cruising from an idea to execution, setting new standards within the river-cruising travel and hospitality industry. 

More About What Our Guests Say…

“A true adventure. Everything on this cruise far exceeded our expectations. Excellent facilities, service reserved for a five-star hotel, food and drink of the highest quality. I am an adventure traveler from way back. When I am traveling the world, I want to see or do something that is unique and different. The Aria Amazon river cruise, is a different type of cruising that takes guests on an adventure not to be forgotten, very different from any others and would definitely go again.” 

Maria C. – May 2016