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November 20, 2016

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Save on the following confirmed expeditions:

Arctic Express: Greenland’s Northern Lights (Fly North, Fly South)

For those short on time, the benefits of this expedition are many. You’ll witness the delights of the world’s largest fjord system of Scoresbysund, discover the fascinating Inuit settlements and people of Ittoqqortoormiit, and have the possibility of viewing some of the world’s most vivid displays of Northern Lights. As one of our more active adventures, you’ll have the chance to trek along the tundra and at Greenland National Park, climb mountains and watch grazing musk ox and other arctic wildlife on the horizon.

Ocean Nova

Sep 24 – Oct 3, 2017


Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

The spend a week exploring the Canadian Arctic at this unique wilderness lodge and world-class beluga whale observation site on Somerset Island in Nunavut, Canada. Situated 500 miles (805 km) north of the Arctic Circle, the lodge offers guests fully guided opportunities for diverse adventrue activities, and extraordinary polar photography thanks to 24 hours of daylight.

Land-based Expedition

Jun 30 – Jul 7, 2017

Jul 5 – Jul 12, 2017

Jul 10 – Jul 19, 2017

Jul 24 – Aug 2, 2017

Aug 7 – Aug 14, 2017


Canada to Greenland: Baffin Bay Explorer

The unrivaled natural beauty of these remote lands is simply breathtaking: you can’t help but marvel at the red heart-shaped mountain of Uummannaq, the soaring rock faces of the Sam Ford Fjord, the freshly calved bergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord, and the sheer ruggedness of islands inhabited only by iconic arctic creatures such as walrus and polar bears. In one mystical expedition, you’ll experience the wonder of the wilderness of these two historic islands.

Sea Adventurer

Sep 12 – Sep 24, 2017


East Greenland: Northern Lights

Scoresbysund, the world’s largest fjord system, beckons you with some of the best displays of Northern Lights and the Inuit settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit. Iceberg-choked fjords, tundra hikes and the arctic wildlife of Northeast Greenland National Park create picture-perfect scenes every day. This is one of our most active expeditions, where you can hike across mountaintops and watch herds of grazing muskoxen on the horizon.

Sea Adventurer

Aug 16 – Aug 29, 2017


Iceland, Greenland, and Baffin Island: Arctic Circle Traverse

An in-depth exploration venturing to some of the most picturesque places on the planet. These are untamed lands full of glaciers and icebergs, majestic ice-clad mountains and soaring fjords, massive bird cliffs, abandoned settlements,  spectacular hot springs, and  rare opportunities to get up close to arctic wildlife such as whales, polar bears and puffins.

Sea Adventurer

Aug 28 – Sep 14, 2017

Introduction to Spitsbergen

This voyage provides the opportunity to get a taste of everything the Arctic has to offer, from polar bears and walrus to spectacular scenery. You’ll be treated to daily presentations by your Expedition Team on board the ship, and daily wildlife sightings on land. Hike, explore and enjoy the beauty of the Arctic on your visit to Spitsbergen.

Ocean Nova

Jun 15 – Jun 23, 2017

Spitsbergen Explorer: Wildlife Capital of the Arctic

A “classic Arctic” expedition cruise – you’ll get the best of Spitsbergen, by exploring the western edge of the island and venturing to some northern outlying areas home to polar bears and walrus. colonies of seabirds numbering into the thousands, and whales. Packed with options for snowshoeing and sea-kayaking, this is the perfect expedition for exploring the “wildlife capital of the Arctic.”

Ocean Nova & Sea Adventurer

Jun 5 – Jun 15, 2017

Jun 23 – Jul 3, 2017

Jun 28 – Jul 8, 2017

Jul 3 – Jul 13, 2017

Jul 8 – Jul 18, 2017

Jul 26 – Aug 5, 2017

Three Arctic Islands: Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen

This award-winning and popular expedition cruise takes you from high above the Arctic Circle in Spitsbergen, Norway, to Scoresbysund on the northeast coast of Greenland, ending in fascinating Iceland. Iconic arctic animals such as the polar bear, musk ox, reindeer and walrus are commonly seen. From active volcanoes to massive glaciers to the best sites for wildlife spotting, this adventure takes in varied destinations. If you want to experience the Arctic in all of its beauty, then you must venture to these Three Arctic Islands.

Sea Adventurer

Aug 5 – Aug 17, 2017


Terms and Conditions: For Arctic 2017 expeditions booked by 30 Nov 2016. Combinable only with Shackleton Club discount. 20/50% discounts apply to expedition cost only and is not applicable on Adventure Options, additional hotel accommodation, pre/post tours, and/or insurance. Travel Credit applicable towards Transfer Package, International Flights or Travel Insurance booked through Quark. Online Polar Boutique credit available upon final payment. Credits not redeemable for cash. Limited availability.

Excludes triples and quad cabins,  North Pole and Barneo itineraries, and the following departures: Introduction to Spitsbergen – 20 Jun & 18 Jul 2017; Spitsbergen in Depth – 13 Jul 2017; Three Arctic Islands – 26 Aug 2017; Arctic Express: Greenland Northern Lights – 17 Sep 2017; Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge – 17 Jul 2017.