River curise news with the South African, Chobe River and the Danube

November 9, 2016

New design for the MS Symphonie !


Our MS Symphonie, a proud 360 ft. long river ship, is getting a little makeover…
It will sail on the Danube and the Rhine.

nouveau_design_ms_symphonie1.jpg nouveau_design_ms_symphonie2.jpg

See the technical specifications sheet

Cruise Europe exclusive!

Get on a cruise in the Balkans, on the Danube river and its tributaries the Sava and the Tisza!


Originating in the cradle of German Romanticism, in Donaueschingen in the Black Forest, the Danube flows into the Black Sea, to the east, via the largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas. More than a physical route between East and West, it is a bridge between peoples, an addition of cultures, civilizations and sensitivities. It is THE most cosmopolitan and pacifying river of the continent: imagine that it crosses no less than nine countries!

Embark on singular touring cruises between Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania and Bulgaria in the course of the ‘Blue Danube’ aboard the MS Victor Hugo. Let Central Europe and its own unique brand of charm cast a spell on you! You don’t want to miss this opportunity, it is indeed the perfect moment to plan a trip here – you’ll be able to immerse yourself among the locals whilst avoiding the crowds of tourists that usually flock in the summer months.

These singular yet very rich destinations will indubitably fix a marked impact on your memory. On the schedule: visits of multifaceted cities such as Zagreb and Belgrade, Novi Sad “the city of the sun” in southern great plain of Szeged, the wine region of Tokaj (Tokay’s name basically comes from here!), the breathtaking Gödöllö Royal Castle, Lonjske Poljo and Kopacki Ritet nature reserves, the Tihany peninsula, Krusedol and Sremski Karlovci Orthodox monastery and last but not least the stunning Ilok medieval town. A stopover in Budapest will offer you a striking contrast between Buda, with its winding streets, Baroque palaces and Turkish baths, and Pest, the exuberant, with its eclectic mixture of architectural styles.
Finally, the icing on the baklawa: a thrilling traditional folk show in Brcko, which would carry even the shiest away – we guarantee it!, will rock you at the pace of gypsy music! What are you waiting for?


From Berlin to Copenhagen, between sea and land

The city of Berlin, intense and bustling with activity, is a young visionary capital that attracts curious sightseers of all ages. Visiting her is now not only the privilege of scholars and history aficionados who used to enjoy here the intrinsic 20th century geopolitical developments. Nowadays it has become a trendy destination that brings together those who have an unquenchable thirst for new ideas; artists, designers, true life enthusiasts! The city is in perpetual motion, overflowing with art, cinema, music, drama and dance. Discovering Berlin whilst aboard our ship will allow you to appreciate the city wholeheartedly while cruising along the calm and relaxing waters of the Elbe and the Havel. At the end of the journey, be sure to greet the Little Mermaid on her rock when you draw alongside Copenhagen!

croisiere_copenhague_croisieurope.jpg sirene_copenhague_croisiere_croisieurope.jpg


Southern Africa:
a singular experience to the edge of the world


baobab_afrique_croisiere_croisieurope.jpg safari_afrique_du_sud_croisiere_croisieurope.jpg
survol_helicoptere_afrique_croisiere_croisieurope.jpg parc_national_chobe_elephant_croisiere_afrique_croisieurope.jpg


From the wild coast of the Cape Peninsula to the Victoria Falls, via the Kruger Park and the Chobe River, the brand newsafari cruise in Southern Africa (available at the end of 2017) will be totally unique.
Be prepared to be amazed!

At the top of the range in more ways than one, original in its design, this 10-day itinerary offers you to discover the pearls of Southern Africa throughout an exceptional mosaic of natural sites – that you will, of course, visit in optimum comfort.


The trip of a lifetime

Want to satisfy the wanderlust that lies dormant in you? Dreaming of a real nice good break?
Need to recharge your batteries, to get closer to our origins?
Leave everyday life ashore and embark on the MS African Dream for the trip of your life.
As simple as that. We guarantee you a complete change of scenery.

Our sumptuous 5 anchors class ship will accommodate up to 16 passengers, divided within 8 Deluxe suites opened onto the outside, for an hitherto unseen immersion.
To this will add up a panoramic lounge bar restaurant and a sublime rooftop equipped with a heated pool, all of it specially conceived to offer you the most incredible journey; extraordinary, yet warm and human-sized.

You will sail along the most beautiful meanders of the Chobe and Zambezi rivers and explore, in the course of stopovers in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, spectacular picturesque landscapes. Come broaden your horizons and create with us your best memories!

Meet and share with local population.
We have shaped a daily program combining traditional circuit on the water + land and aquatic safaris to allow you to appreciate the region deeply – its flourishing ecosystem, its ancestral customs and its authentic cuisine.
Whether you’d like it ‘active’ or more contemplative, this experience at the end of the world invites you to take some time off. Take the time to admire the magnificent flora and fauna, in particular when in the Chobe National Park, the Kasai canal, the Kalahari desert or on Impalila Island, to marvel at these majestic animals and preserved surroundings, to imprint on your retinas, your heart and your mind this peculiar pleasant feeling of freedom.

For a 100% immersion in the African continent, we will also allow you to extend your cruise within one of our two new 5* lodges.

                                                                                       Cascade Island Lodge

lit-baldaquin-cascade-island-lodge-afrique-australe-travel-blog-croisieurope.jpg   salon-luminaires-cascade-island-lodge-afrique-australe-travel-blog-croisieurope.jpg   grande-table-vue-lac-cascade-island-lodge-afrique-australe-travel-blog-croisieurope.jpg

                                                                                       Kaza Safari Lodge

chambre-kaza-safari-lodge-afrique-australe-travel-blog-croisieurope.jpg   table-dejeuner-exterieur-vue-lac-kaza-safari-lodge-afrique-australe-travel-blog-croisieurope.jpg   piscine-kaza-safari-lodge-afrique-australe-travel-blog-croisieurope.jpg

Among the excursions we wish to develop, you will for instance fly over the Victoria Falls by helicopter!

This unusual cruise has truly been refined down to the tiniest details to ensure our future adventurers to get their full of emotions safely. Our teams will work on conjugating conditional in the present tense to turn this dream into reality.

One last tip: if cameras are obviously essential… do not forget to make some room in the suitcase for a pair of binoculars!