Dive into nature’s workshop Save 20% off Galapagos & 25% off Norway and Scotland

November 8, 2016

There’s no better place to appreciate our blue planet than in the Galápagos Islands. Snorkel with sea lions, soak up the sun with iguanas, or simply marvel at the natural beauty around you.

Explore the Galápagos!
Experience the incredible natural diversity that inspired Charles Darwin’s earth-shattering theory of evolution. Swim, snorkel, and surf your way through islands that are home to wildlife you won’t find anywhere else. Tours on sale include camping tours, land & sea tours, and a selection of 5 different boats including upgraded experiences. All boat cruises include meals and equipment.

The Galápagos Sale
Book by November 30 and save up to 20% on 20 great tours departing January through March 2017 The Jane Goodall Collection of Galápagos tours. Get yourself even closer to the Galápagos Islands’ colourful array of birds, plants, and animals. We are proud to offer three different experiences from the Jane Goodall Galápagos Collection at 20% off.

Central, South & East Islands Aboard the Monserrat QUITO TO QUITO

10 Days | Tour Code: SEV10NB

Galápagos Camping Adventure QUITO TO QUITO
9 Days | Tour Code: SEQC

Galápagos Island Hopping with Quito QUITO TO QUITO
9 Days | Tour Code: SEQI

Galapagos - Central & East Islands
Galapagos - North, West & Central Islands
Galapagos - South & East Islands aboard the Monserrat
Europe’s northern frontier
Tucked away on the northern edge of Europe, it’s easy to forget that Norway’s even there. But for those who’ve been, this majestic land of fjords and mountains is utterly unforgettable.
With majestic fords and ancient icebergs, Norway has plenty of stunning views your travellers won’t soon forget. Norway cruises for May 2017 are now up to 25% of when booked by December 14, 2016. Don’t wait – Norway’s beauty may be timeless, but these prices sure aren’t.

The Norway Sale Book now and save up to 25% on May 2017 Expedition departures

Gear up for adventure Book by December 14, 2016 to save up to 15% on the following departures in May 2017. Save big, book now Book by December 14, 2016 to save up to 25% on the following departure in May 2017.

Scottish Highlights & Norwegian Fjords EDINBURGH TO TROMSØ 14 Days |

Tour Code: XVETNX

Norwegian Fjords & Arctic Discovery BERGEN TO LONGYEARYEN 15 Days |

Tour Code: XVBLNX

Cruise the Norwegian Fjords TROMSØ TO BERGEN 8 Days |

Tour Code: XVTBNX

Cruise the Norwegian Fjords
Scottish Islands & Norwegian Fjords
Norwegian Fjords & Arctic Discovery