Updates on Sea Spirit Polar Adventures in Franz Josef Land

September 28, 2016

Slight revisions to itinerary will provide more in-depth exploration of Franz Josef Land next summer

Based on passenger feedback the past two seasons resulting from our five expedition cruises to Franz Josef Land, we are making minor changes to our itinerary for Summer 2017. Our objective is to provide the best experience possible in this Russian High Arctic archipelago, so we are adding one day of exploration there. This means one less day spent in the waters of western Svalbard at the conclusion of the 15-night voyage.

Full details can be found here, on the Poseidon website.

Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia for the upcoming season – there’s still availability!
Returning guests enjoy savings and great other benefits

We’ve had to turn down many requests for cabins aboard our three Antarctic, Falklands and South Georgia this upcoming season. They’ve been sold out for months! But just this week, a tour operator holding a block of cabins has allowed us to sell into their space on two departures. So, we wanted to alert you for any of your clients looking for this in-depth exploration of the Southern Ocean. We now have availability on two different “Audience with Kings” departures:

November 5-25, 2016
Round-trip Ushuaia – 21 days/20 nights
February 24-March 16, 2017
Embark Ushuaia, disembark Montevideo – 21 days/20 nights

Please contact us for rates, special offers and availability!