Sea Kayaking in the Polar Regions

August 23, 2016

One Ocean Expeditions operates small expedition cruise ships in Antarctica, the Arctic and Canada’s Atlantic Coast. As part of the unique travelling program in the polar regions, the Canadian based company offers sea kayaking to experienced kayakers. Kayakers enjoy spectacular wildlife sightings such as humpback whales or local birds. Exploring sea ice and glaciers at a different perspective or crossing the Arctic Circle are highlights of kayaking in the polar regions. The program is guided by three experienced guides and is limited to a group of 16 passengers, who sign up to the program at the time of booking. Access to single and double kayaks are available at all time of the expedition, as well as high quality gear such as dry suits, booties, pogies, paddles and PFDs.

Sea Kayaking in the Polar Regions from One Ocean Expeditions on Vimeo.