August 23, 2016

Why not experience our 8-passenger SAVOIR VIVRE in Burgundy, which includes dinner off the barge each night in a different local Auberge?  Different, fun, informal, authentic;

Boutique Class, 8 passengers, Southern Burgundy. We can confidently say that Savoir Vivre represents the best value on the French canals, besides delivering the ultimate food and wine experience in barging!  Home to the premier vineyards in France, Southern Burgundy is celebrated for its many gourmet ingredients.  So what could be better than dining like a local…with the locals!  All dinners are eaten on shore at nearby and charming auberges, all included in the cruise fare.   Your Captain makes all arrangements and provides transfers to and from the dining venues. He introduces you to the proprietor, helps you order, and then collects you a few hours later.  Sightseeing furthers the regional immersion; guided tours include a visit to a storied chateau, a vineyard with preserved winepresses, and a goat cheese tasting. The cozy salon offers a comfortable area in which to socialize, while cycling along Southern Burgundy’s towpaths using the Savoir Vivre’s onboard bikes is an absolute must! The crew of three is fun, dynamic, and experienced, which creates a uniquely convivial atmosphere.  The services of the barge begin and end at the Dijon Train Station; train tickets are not included in the cruise fare