Early Booking Savings for Arctic 2017 and Antarctic 2017-18 ends soon!

August 9, 2016

52 Days and Counting…
Early Booking Savings for Arctic 2017 and Antarctic 2017-18 ends soon!

You can save your clients thousands of dollars for their next polar adventure by steering them onto one of our 2017 Arctic or 2017/18 Antarctic expedition cruises aboard the Sea Spirit.But, you need to do it soon, as our annual early booking period expires the end of September 2016.

ALL of our 2017 Arctic and 2017/18 Antarctic departures are eligible for these savings of 10% to 15%, depending on category.

Savings begin for the 2017 Arctic season with our incredible trip to South & West Greenland and Disko Bay on May 22, and conclude with our illuminating annual East Greenland “Northern Lights” trip on September 10.

And for Antarctica, savings begin October 20, 2017 with our “Best of the Southern Ocean”voyage to South Georgia and the Falklands, and conclude with a Classic Antarctic Peninsula program on February 13, 2018.

Contact us at the sales offices below and take advantage of these great savings for your clients!

Not your Typical Southern Ocean Cruises…
Poseidon offers two slightly different options for polar cruise adventurers.

The Antarctic Peninsula is on the bucket list for most travelers looking for an expedition cruise during the austral summer. But, then again, some are looking for something different. Here are two fantastic voyages with different appeals:

Best of the Southern Ocean, October 20 – November 7, 2017
For those who have visited the Peninsula already, here’s a complete voyage giving them the other two gems of the Southern Ocean – South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. More time is spent exploring these islands than typically afforded on a voyage that also includes the Peninsula. Discounted rates start at just $8,996 per person for this 19-day voyage from Puerto Madryn to Ushuaia.

Antarctic Circle: Wildest Antarctica, February 1 – 14, 2018
This cruise was a complete sell-out aboard the Sea Spirit in February 2015, and space is selling fast for this voyage that dips below the Antarctic Circle. Discounted rates start at just$9,446 per person for this 14-day program. Your clients will travel further south, and explore Antarctic Peninsula landing sites that few visitors see on their voyages.