Indonesia Phinisi update for June

June 21, 2016

Wow, it’s June already and we find ourselves asking the question – where has the year gone? Time flies when you are having fun, so they say, so when you are involved like in a great tour operation like SeaTrek Sailing Adventures maybe that’s the answer. One thing we do know is that for our guests on board, the days flow by so very slowly that it’s one of the most relaxing holiday choices you can make – but perhaps we are biased, but we don’t mind.

We still have plenty of Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes cruises running between now and September, (with a special school holiday offer which you can see below), and loads of Expert-Led expeditions later in the year to take you out to the edges of the known world.



Here’s a lovely shot of the always-empty Banta Beach on the western end of the Komodo National Park. This is one of our favourite stops along the way for our Dances & Dragons and Magical Lakes cruises, which are happening right now and all the way to September. Have you seen water this clear lately?


Last week while we were all sitting on Pink Beach in Komodo enjoying a bit of snorkelling, swimming and a cool refreshing beverage or two, a foreigner in a sea kayak pull up at the beach and thought to ourselves, “how strange”. Presenting this parched mariner with an icy cold can of beer, we found out that this was Australian Alan Silva, recently retired and that this was day 110 of his paddling trip home from Singapore to Darwin! Yes, you read that right, paddling home to AUSTRALIA! We invited him on board the Ombak Putih that evening for dinner and a few drinks in exchange for his story, and he regaled us all with tales of his adventures: climbing Everest twice in one week, (and once of those without oxygen), summiting the Seven Peaks, Antarctic crossings, and an all-round life of extreme living. We were all entranced by his tales, and everyone thought one of the major highlights of the trip.  Thanks Alan, and the best of luck with the rest of the voyage. If you’d like to know more about this extraordinary ‘ordinary’ guy or to follow hisjourney, visit his website here.




We love sharing the eastern archipelago of Indonesia with our friends from around the world, and it was that desire to go further that drove us to develop our Expert-Led Programmes, where we bring together specialist biologists, historians, chefs, ornithologists, primatologists and scientists from around the world to lead special cruises that take you deeper into the beautiful and often mysterious part of the planet.


For our July and August Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes cruises in 2016 we have some very special deals for families kids to enjoy some savings during the school holidays. Bring one child, and they sleep in your triple cabin for free. Bring two, only pay for one, and they can both share their own cabin. That’s one free kid regardless. This a great opportunity to get them away from their phones, iPods/Pads, computer game and into nature for some fresh air and wonder.

 We guarantee they will love you for it.