Schooner American

June 1, 2016

We’re in port for a few days after our first two trips; back to back youth and elder cruising. That shows that windjamming appeals to every age group from teen to ninety so far this season.
It’s the scenery, the wildlife, the schooner, and the people you meet on board! Transformative for many and a vacation for everyone.
First trip, our annual Rotary foreign student overnight. Center, heading for Argentina; right, off to Japan and he has some of the language already in hand.
Heidi Bentley Karod Photo
Heidi Bentley Karod photo
no cellphones, just non electric fun
Heidi Bentley Karod photo
and a bit of sailorizing: on the peak halyard hoisting
the fore with Chris
Group two, proving you don’t have to be a kid to have fun!
and the photographer loaded down with cameras……
Adam, in charge of docking lines and photographing requests.
SailBoston 2017, a ten night adventure June 11 – 21, 2017. Parade of sail and fireworks June 17,  tours of the ships June 17 and 18. No, we’re not taking reservations just yet.
Bending on sail May 18th.  And.. the masts were slushed (greased) later that day.

Galley News


Sarah the galley hand and her assistant of the moment. Yes, his hands were clean. These were ginger molasses cookies which lasted for over three hours. Next trip we were treated to soft yet crunchy chocolate chip as well as apple pie. Did I mention the 57 pounds of lobsters which disappeared Saturday night, not including the one we freed to be caught another day?
Heidi Bentley Karod photo
Postcards from Away 

Dublin in early May


no harbor here


nice but not navigable

And here’s some hometown news, but from Boston. Digging for a new office building in the Seaport District, workers came upon the lime filled wreck of a small coasting schooner. It wasn’t unusual for a cargo of quicklime to get wet and the subsequent chemical reaction caused enough heat to start the vessel burning. She had most likely been abandoned on the Dorchester mudflats when afire and later filled over.

One barrel head showed the stenciled Rockland.

Boston Archaeology photo

As Rockland wasn’t set aside for the town of Thomaston until 1854, the Boston wreck dates from after that.
In our shop at the shipyard we have an original lime cask stencil from the kilns at our location.

Hmm. .thirty two miles sailed the first day yet we’re only four miles from where we started this morning. We must be on vacation!