Introducing a new Bali, bunks and beaches cruise in Indonesia

May 26, 2016

The BIGKANU is a very different type of island explorer, as the photo and video show if you have a minute. We built this boat believing guests have a much better holiday experience if the boat can be parked right up on the beach edge, so they feel free to swim, wander and engage with the inevitable enthusiasm the local villagers bring when our galactic looking boat arrives.

We sleep 10 to 12, in half height individual cabins, that concertina close at night, keeping the boat spacious by day.


With just 800mm draft, we are designed to get over coral, and into beaches. Nearly all our destinations are coral ringed, and we have a big advantage over pinisi schooners, in where we can anchor. Indonesian native boating is all beach based from outrigger canoes, and we are 2016,  galactic green-tec  version of the same idea.


We open for business in around a month, looping the north and south Gili islands, and near Penida. We venture to Raja Ampat in November at $USD99/per night transit bunks, for that great 1000Nm trip. Bunk and board we sell by the cabin @$US169 per night, and/ or the boat goes out @$USD1790 per day.


There is a wellness undertone in our offering, and we are opening as charter agents specifically for the yoga, fitness, and wellness markets and Stand Up Paddle Board groups.



We are  new breed, of solar powered, swift speed, low fuel use boat, designed specifically for coral bordered beaches.